Here's Your Sign

Lots of construction going on around our house. Not inside my house mind you, remember I am the cobbler's barefoot child. Rather BY our house.

You know, road work. Sewage work. Our tax dollars hard at work.


I can say "not" because it seems every time we drive by the area the road crew is either standing around looking at a hole in the mud or sitting under a tree watching the mud dry. Seems more like my tax dollars on vacation. Not that my vacations are spent watching mud dry.

Another thing we see everywhere are signs. Lots and lots of signs. Big neon yellow signs. Big orange and black signs.

Making sure we are aware that there is actually something going on besides men in hard hats on extended lunch breaks discussing important official city stuff like if that really was a hole they were staring at for the past four hours.

Signs like this one:

And this one:

Which made my daughter ask (in all sincerity, I might add) "What does that sign mean? 'homeless man crossing'?"

Yes, baby, and his cardboard says "Will work for your tax dollars (maybe)"