Daddy wait!

"Daddy wait!" the little girl cried out as she went running after him down the path as fast as her chubby little legs would move. She had become preoccupied with the flowers along the way stopping to pick a few, they were all so pretty it was hard to decide. When she did look up she saw that her father was further along down the path. He was turned towards her with his hand outstretched waiting to take hold of hers again. He had eyes that were full of love and an understanding smile that gave his mouth a slight upturn on one corner. He was used to it, she often took her time along their walks.
She had even strayed too far once or twice but he always found her, crying and frozen to the spot where the realization had hit her he was no longer anywhere in her vision. He hadn't lost sight of her though, he was always right there, comforting her with the strong reassurance of a father's embrace. The reunion was always very tender, full of hugs and promises from her to never wander off again. But she was just a small child and the world held far too many seemingly wonderful things just waiting to be discovered. Sure there were always the flowers but there were also the butterflys; they were so wonderful with their colorful wings flying playfully around her beckoning her to chase the wind with them. Oh and then there is the playground with all the entertainment it held...who could pass up a slide or a few turns of a merry-go-round?
"Let's go Dana!" he would call to her and she would giggle with pleasure and run to his side. They would go a little further down the path just spending time with one another till the next turn in the journey and she was off again chasing after the whispered promise of fun. The father loved his daughter and brought her on the daily walks talking with her, laughing with her and teaching her of the things he wanted her to know. Sometimes they were quiet, sometimes they sang together (she thought he had the most beautiful voice) and sometimes they would even dance together. They were such small moments, wonderfully small moments and it was those moments that brought her back to him time and time again to their lovely walk each day on the path.


  1. Hey Dana - I discovered your blog a few days ago (the rebellious piece of lingerie story) and just had to tell you how much I'm enjoying reading your blog!

  2. Beautiful photos...and beautiful family....but I notice you managed to stay out of the must get that from me !!!
    oxoxoxo Xmascarol

  3. thanks for finding me on my blog!!! i am excited to find yours! we are official blogging friends!

  4. hey Dana...I'm glad you you had a great vacation.......and I'm glad you
    came back to us at work!!
    We missed you & Jesse......
    See you at work.


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