Just Because...

It's been a while. We are back at work. The sunburn has peeled several times. My Houstonitis is calming down. I am over the diabetes blues. I guess I will write. I've kind of wanted to for a while...but, yeah, um...

So, this will be a *closet cleaning...

My husband and I celebrated our 13/15 anniversary on June 6th whilst we were vacationing. No that's not 13 out of 15 as if it will end in two years. It's 13 years married, 15 together. I am blessed people, very, very blessed. Oh how I love that man of mine! The anniversary was very well celebrated between IT and a few days travelling the Hill Country splashing in the river, it was perfect.

Miss Elena turned 12 while we were gone. She is awesome, hugs and kisses baby girl! I want to post a big birthday post for her and I am trying to write a little poem for her as well but no words will fit together as I want. Perhaps Calliope has the blues as well. Once I get it together (ha!) I will have it posted for her. We had a great time celebrating her though, she got great gifts and she and I made a German chocolate cake from scratch! Dude, lots of work, very worth it!

And...speaking of German...My bff is away in California and Tahoe and various other places along the West Coast. *SNIFF* I miss her! But I can tell by the way she is ignoring me - you know no phone calls, no emails and no posts - that she is having a blast! And I am so glad for her, this is a much needed and deserved vacation! Confused by the connection? Her last name is Ziegler!

From the West Coast over the East Coast (hey, I'm trying...). My two best bosses forever just got back from a conference in Florida. Poor folks, suffering for the Lord and all. But actually both had a sob story to tell upon their return. BBF1 had a to handle an office emergency via the phone while driving and after 2 hours of talking they ran out of gas. Wait, there's more. Not only did they run out of gas, but they were stuck on a bridge that is several miles long, that is over a swamp, that has cars rushing by at 75 mph in Mississippi. For 4 hours. In the heat of the day. With 2 young boys and no where to go. I told him it sounded like the beginning of a horror movie and to get out of there quickly! Meanwhile BFF2 had to have emergency dental work. *shudder* Enough said. I couldn't tell you which is worse, but I think the bridge would be my first choice! I am glad they are back and all is well with my work family once again. Well, except for BBF2, she is back at the dentist today with more root canal work being done. I feel your pain BBF2, and I'm praying for you!

And speaking of best bosses. My original BBF (can I call her OBB?) is about to celebrate a birthday! WOO HOO!!!! I miss her something awful and think about calling her, but yeah, the thought has yet to take action. She is one of the funniest people I know. I miss when she used to walk in and have a story to share....*sigh* good times. No folks, she doesn't read this so this isn't an attempt at brownie points, so there!

Well, the closet seems clean and organized for now. Hopefully you haven't felt as though you've wasted your time with me. And hey, I LOVE comments. Feed the writer's ego people. Well, okay don't, but do let me know what you think...

*Since I cannot use the term "vomit blog" coined by the all too famous Schiskablog and random has been used a lot lately I wanted to use something different. Closet cleaning is more like what I am doing. You know, one thought leads to another...one piece of junk leads to another throw this out and set this aside and voila the closet is empty. I am trying to be original and not lame, but, well, yeah.


  1. I miss Sharon, too. I thought for sure someone would have heard from her! :)

  2. Hey Kelly,
    I did hear from her in an email but it was short and sweet. She isn't getting internet very well over there...

  3. I've heard from her several times more to gloat about the fact that she's in cali and i'm not than to say she misses me. haha

  4. and where am i in this story??? HELLO????

  5. Depends on who you are....

  6. Hey, I am having a good time and finally am able to catch up on some things. It's been nonstop!


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