Wednesday!?!?! Is that you???

JEESH...Tuesday is gone already? I can't believe it! At this very same time last week it was still Monday morning. This week is going to go so's the law of is required to happen at 3 times the normal speed.

Day 1: We had a garage sale with our friends & neighbors, the Muntons. We made a decent penny or two and then we spent it. (Not at the garage sale, later at the store). I had such a good time talking with Denise. She is truly one of the nicest persons you will ever be blessed to know. Went home and did absolutely nothing. That was great!

Day 2: Church, that was awesome! I was glad to be back in the House of the Lord. Picked up my daughter from middle school camp. She's been gone since Wednesday and I missed her something terrible! I missed hugging her and talking to her and laughing with her! I am so glad she is home! She had a blast, she is all tanned and stinky and man I love her! Then we went home and did IT. That was truly a great event, you should have been here. No, really, we could have used the help.

Day 3: Slept until 7 am! Yeah baby! That's sleeping in at this house. (Have you figured out yet that this post is really about nothing?) Read. Yard work. Rested. Nothing. More nothing. A lot more nothing what-so-ever...this vacation is going just as we planned!

Day 4: Took care of a lot of little things that needed to be done for a while. You know, got the car inspected, took care of some paperwork, went here and there. Spent lots of time fighting and laughing and eating and sleeping and relaxing and doing a little more nothing, man, this is the life. Those are the little things that needed to be done.

Day 5, 6 & 7: Not here yet, but here is the plan: Get up very early say, 9 or 10 am and drive. Drive far. And once we get to far, we plan on staying there and getting burned to a crisp...(yes, we know, not advisable)...swimming in the river, travelling and having fun not being here. Now, now, don't be hatin'!

See ya when we get back....


  1. I am looking forward to reading your upcoming post and pictures of trees in the hill country.

    See you on go too quickly.

  2. are you back? where are you? please post something....I would love to hear how you love your new bedroom! :0


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