Tell Me, Meme, What Were You Doing When...?

The sweet Irish Ali knows I've not been a blogging of late and sent me a little help. Thanks Ali for the meme push!!

The following are 5 major events and the impact they had on me:

Princess Diana's death - August 31, 1997
I heard about it on our car radio I do remember that but I cannot remember exactly where we were. In reading and hearing the story of her death over the following days I didn't shed tears but I know my heart was very heavy. Princess Di exemplified, to me as well as to so many people, grace, compassion and love in action.

Margaret Thatcher's resignation - November 22, 1990
No clue. But, I did Google the date to see if surrounding events would jog my memory a bit. Seems my memory doesn't like to exercise and still doesn't remember her resignation. I did see that the oh so very talented (puke) and highly acclaimed (not) Milli Vanilli were being outed as fakers (duh). This truly shocking and devastating moment in history might explain why I wasn't paying attention to the end of Maggie's political career.

Attack on the twin towers - September 11, 2001
This moment is unlike any other in my memory. It is the most vivid remembrance I have. (Yes, even more vivid than the birth of my children because dude, seriously? I'm a wuss and I was drugged.) Down to clothing, aromas, sounds and names, the most intricate details are there. I was in the pharmacy at the hospital, which is where I worked at the time. A co-worker came rushing down the aisle where I was standing along with 2 other co-workers and told us of the first plane. At the time it was thought to have been merely an accident and not one of the most horrific events in American history. Then the report of the second plane came and we were all dumbstruck. Several of us put aside our work for a moment and went to a nurses station where there was a t.v.. There we sat with many other employees, patients and visitors and watched as the towers burned and then fell. No one talked. No one said a word. But most of us cried. All around us, activity was continuing as usual in the hospital, it had to. But it felt almost profane for it to do so in light of what we were seeing.

England's World Cup semi final v Germany - July 4, 1990
I remember it like it wait, I'm lying, I don't remember that at all. I wonder why? Oh that's right, I don't follow soccer or football as the rest of the world calls it. Oh and I Googled this date as well and yeah, nothing.

President Kennedy's Assassination - November 22, 1963
I was merely the ripe old age of -3 (yes folks, that's a negative) at the time. So, like Ali, I was, not yet. And like Ali the first death of a celebrity I experienced (or that I remember) was Elvis'. However, unlike Ali, I was 11 and I did not cry. I know, I am a cold and heartless woman. I mean come on, it was Elvis! But alas, I am (gasp!) not now, nor was I ever a fan.

Now on to the task of passing this bit of fun on...
I hereby nominate for the post of the What Were You Doing When Meme:

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Happymess is a State of Mine

Gah! Has it really been almost 2 weeks since I've posted?

Geesh. Sorry folks. I'm not sick, depressed, in prison or off on a top-secret mission in the jungles of some unnamed uncharted island fighting power hungry sinister villains bent on world domination. And vacation is over, so what could possibly be my excuse this time?

Perhaps it's the shock & awe of returning to the Real World. You know, the one where you have to wake-up to an alarm, wear something else besides flip-flops and a bathing suit, actually cook your own meals (with or without help), make your kids do their chores, put on your happy face (aka mask, make-up, camouflage or war-paint), clock-in and actually do some work so you can get paid?

This is, of course, the antithesis to the universally popular world of Dreamville otherwise referred to as The Vacation World. Sigh.

It was - how shall I say this? FANFREAKINGTASTIC. AMAFREAKINGZING. As well as AWEFREAKINGSOME. Just to throw out a few adjectives.

No really, it was just that nice. Here are pictures to prove it:

Ocean water as it should be.
Pensacola, Florida

Beach sand as it should be.
Pensacola, Florida

Good Lord Lawrence, that is beautiful!
Pensacola, Florida

I spy with my little eye gorgeous white sand, empty beaches
and beautiful blue water.
Pensacola, Florida!
Dang. You guessed it.


It warms the cockles of me heart and truthfully I'm a little teary-eyed just looking at them....

Oh, you want to see pictures of us there? What, you don't believe me??? Okay, here is your evidence oh doubting Thomasessesess...

The day of our arrival, road weary but happy to Arrive Alive.
(Florida's ad campaign to buckle-up)
We made it!

Elena & her cousin Gina ready for a day at the beach. Literally.

Jesse & the girls.

Here is evidence that even my son had fun. Um, sort of.

Sort of because in this picture (look on top of our vehicle) he was bound and determined to "NOT have any fun! NOT going in the water or near that yucky sand!"

Yeah, that lasted all of five minutes....

Sand fight!!!
(I started it and dang! it were fun! I am SOOOO mature.)

J. Cool, posing all gangstariffic in his Sponge Bob swim-trunks.
He is sooooo dreamy.

Stop yer yic-yacking, I can hear you. I was too there. Who do you think took all of these lovely photographs??? Again with the doubting? Okay, okay...

HERE is your proof. One very white foot. In very white sand.
That is all you're getting folks.

There are things we didn't get pictures all the road trip drama and laughter and hotel high-jinks.

Okay, no, there weren't really any hotel high-jinks...unless you count Jesse unplugging the elliptical machine in the hotel gym while some lady - who, if looks could kill, Jesse would be buried next to Eddie in the Florida sand, only much deeper and without any way for him to breathe - was trying to get her workout on...he was so embarrassed.

What? It was just a suggestion and he didn't have to listen to me! I just thought maybe it would help the treadmill start back up since the computer on the dang thing was frozen and he couldn't get it to do anything. What do I know??? Geesh.

Other than that it was completely mindless, effortless, work-free, exhausting, ended way too soon fun-filled vacation. We came, we got burnt and we went home with more sand than should be legally allowed. Good thing they don't charge you by the pound for you me, we took home half a beach and it was in everything and everywhere...Like Elena said, "Mom, I went to pull my bathing suit off and a sand dune fell out."

She's so cute.