Comes in 666 Flavors I Might Add

So today in Sunday class we walk over to the snacky-snack section where we have a veritable smorgasborg of breakfast selections. There's the standard bacon or sausage and egg tacos, fresh cut seasonal fruit, orange juice and of course yogurt.

Me, I have my sustenance already in hand. That's right children, a grande bold brew from Starbuck's.

Also known as The Cathedral of St. Arbuck's. And since it is Sunday and I do love my does seem apropos.

My husband goes for the yogurt.

I eye the brand and give my two cents about the nutritional value of that particular brand. (cause I's the expert now. um. not.)

He looks at it and says "Naw, it's okay. It's Damnation yogurt..."

"Hon, I believe that says Danimals."

I'm pretty sure you can find the Damnation-Free Yogurt (with live and active script-cul-tures) on aisle 3, right between the Testamints & Veggie Tales.


  1. That's funny! I cannot tell you how many times I had tried to get Paul to order the lower sugar, lower fat yogurt.

  2. i am trying to laugh quietly, but i can hear his voice in my head right now, "damnation yogurt." it's too too funny!

  3. Kelly,
    I thought I replied to your comment...huh. Lower sugar, lower fat, lower sin...

    Why are you trying to laugh quietly?


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