It Was Before My Morning Coffee

Had to of been.

No clue what I'm on about? Well, it's not the hair even though that's looking rather nest-ish in this picture.

Here...take a closer look:

This is my right earring.

And this...this my friends is... my left one.

Why yes they are quite cute. Thank you Rae, one of my bff's and fbf's, for noticing! (where is she when I get dressed at the crack of dawn because neither my husband, my daughter, my son, my friendly baristas NOR my mirror paid one bit of attention.) And did I take them off once my fashion faux pas statement was pointed out? Oh heck no.

I'm gonna work it like I meant to. Or maybe just point it out to everyone and get a few laughs.

So, when I went to post this lovely bit of self-deprecating humor, I happen to notice that my last post was dated 1 day short of 1 month ago. Visit much?

Probably not.


  1. Brilliant and a style statment girl! (What d'you mean it wasn't deliberate?!) Works better with ear-gear than footwear though... and I mentioning no names.

  2. work that look lady ;-)

    with the amount of weight you have lost recently, who's gonna be even looking at your ears???

  3. Wils,
    Ah so encouraging. Yeah, that day I wore one stiletto and one hiking boot just didn't go over well...

    I tried to work it, but felt real silly after I knew...Thanks! I am 1 stinking pound from goal. 1! And truly, I don't care. :)

    I hope so...but for how long? You know it's bad when PLUTO posts more times than you do!!! :)

  4. I thought you were just being a trend setter.

  5. I miss eating lunch with you guys!

  6. I still check in every couple of days. I'm glad you haven't left the blog world for good! I was missing my Dana humor!

  7. Could this be a new fashion trend? May be I'll even get my ears pierced to carry on the craze!


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