Are we there yet?

Nope kids we are not.
I love to travel. When I was little and we went somewhere, I never asked my mom if we were there yet. Okay, at least thats how I remember it. I was always ready to go somewhere and while we were going my eyes were glued to the road waiting to see something new. We traveled as much as a single mom in the 70's could afford and for that I am grateful, thanks moms. I wouldn't wow you with the places we went if I told you about them, but I sure enjoyed the ride. I usually didn't care what our destination was, for me, getting there was most of the excitement. I haven't lost that excitement and I hope I never do. I love to get in the car and go for a ride. Preferably out of town, but even around town is great. When Jesse and I lived in Michigan we would load the kids up in the car (that still had the Texas plates, thank you very much!) and drive for hours. Sometimes I think that's the problem in our walk with Christ (at least mine anyway)...we keep whining 'are we there yet?' No kids, not yet. Or we keep asking 'when are we going to get there?' Well, He didn't give us that answer, but He did tell us a few other things about the trip. He told us to buckle our seatbelts. (put on the armour of God). He told us to go to the bathroom before we left (get rid of all the stuff that holds us back). He told us to fuel up. (eat the Bread of Life and never hunger). He told us to keep our eyes on the road. (be watchful), and He also told us to enjoy the ride. (He gave us life abundantly and told us repeatedly not to fear). So with those instructions you'd think we'd be all set. But lately I feel like I'm not enjoying the ride. My walk with Christ feels still and staid. I struggle to read the word, I struggle to pray and I'm not real enthusiastic about going to church. I don't think faith is a feeling and I love my church. It's just been rather an odd journey these days and one that I've not had much fun on. Perhaps I'm ready to go home, perhaps. Maybe I feel like I've been down this road one too many times and I think I know what's around the corner. Maybe I just need to stop whining about getting there and enjoy the scenery. And btw what's up with that? I love life! I find the absolute beauty that is God's creation makes me worship Him all the more...but I must tell you without a doubt this world holds nothing for me and I would go to be with Him this very instant if I could. But I'm still here, and my faith in Him won't go away. No matter how much I mess up, don't have it together or stumble over my own dumb feet, I'm buckled in and ready to go. I read several articles today about this same subject. Funny how the very things you struggle with sound in what you read, hear and see. I think, not so much of a coincidence - God is funny that way. He always reaches across the seat and puts His arm around you and lets you know He's the One taking you there. Andiamo Papa!


  1. Yeah, Dana!
    Welcome to the blogging world! What fun!!!
    Love you!

  2. hi dana, appreciate the kind words.

    very timely post to read -- lately i've been feeling the same way, not really enjoying the ride. thanks for the reminder on what i need to focus on.


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