So by now, each of you know that I have a daughter serving our country in the Middle East.

Hey Erienne! I love you!

She emailed to tell me that Robin Williams just did the USO Show overseas in the Middle East. She was there and something happened - unexpectedly (at least for him) during his show.

This something is called Flag Retreat. Reveille sounds and everything and everyone comes to a halt and salutes the flag as it comes down. And as she explains it is to honor all those who have served, fallen and to honor the flag and your country.

She told her brother (also in the Army) about it and they agreed it would probably end up in his act.

She sent this clip in her email and lo and behold here he was on David Letterman talking about it. You cannot see her, just know she is there in the crowd, and she makes her momma proud.

(I didn't mean to rhyme that. No, seriously.) ***EDIT-David Leetterman says Iraq, however this was filmed in Kuwait. Where she is....

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  1. Hey, I watched that night. Robin Williams was off the chart!! How neat that your daughter was there and how great it is that those people go over there to do shows for our troops. Just wish you could have seen her in the clip!



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