99 Red Balloons



Agent 99

And that was my 99th post!

Seems like I've only just begun....(take it Nancy!)


  1. tooo live, white lace and promises, a kiss for luck and we're on our way... sharing horizons that are new to us...don't remember the rest of this part, but it comes into it's just the two of us...something about the day then together, together...
    And when the evening comes we smile...

    OK that is just enough isn't it. It doesn't mean nothing and we know that nothing from nothing is nothing and you got to have something if you want to be with me.

    Stop the maddness....

  2. Oh Nancy, if we stopped would we stop in the name of love? Think it over.

  3. Oh good grief! I had completely forgotten that song by Toto!! Ij fact, I had completely forgotten about Toto!!!

    Congratulations on your 99th post - I know the next ones going to be a great one ;-)

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  5. I'll help nancy out....

    too live, white lace and promises, a kiss for luck and we're on our way...and yes, we've just begun. before the rising sun we fly, so many roads to choose. we start our walking and learn to run, and yes, we've just begun. sharing horizons that are new to us, watching the signs along the way...taking it over just the two of us, working together day by day! and when the evening comes we smile, so much of life ahead. we'll find a place where there's room to grow, and yes, we've just begun!

    sorry...had to do the whole song, i was singing it while typing and you can't cut off karen carpenter! now that will be in my head the rest of the night! thanks!

  6. Ali,
    I forgot about them as well...it must be our....um, it must be....They weren't cool enough to remember! Yes, that's it...cause it certainly isn't our age.

    Thanks for helping Nancy out. A sista helps a sista with the lyrics. :)

  7. heck yeah! and i know my carpenters!!

  8. OMG, it's lunch time all over again! LOL

  9. Dustin the Turkey is alive and kicking over on workaholic again now!

    Don't miss the best Irish culture has to offer!!

  10. so, what? you stopped at 99?


    anybody home?

  11. Kelly,
    Lunch is so fun I can't help but relieve er, relIVE it... :)

    Irish culture rocks! But that video was strange.

    It's too much pressure! I don't know what to do for the 100th!!! Oh somebody help me.

  12. We gonna stop at 99 or we gonna press on to 100?? Just checking! Love you!


and remember, words are my love language...