Heart Songs

What makes music in my heart?

Listening to my daughter Elena sing...
"O Christmas Tree"
While making homemade chocolate chip cookies.

(The cookies made me hum a little tune as well...)

You know what else makes my heart sing?

Hearing my daughter Erienne's voice at 5 am.
Calling all the way from Kuwait.

"Ode to Joy"
And another thing that makes my heart sing..When my son Eddie tells me, "Geesh, you sound just like my mom."
My response?
"Your momma"
And the ensuing laughter.

Oh yeah, he...
"Loves Me Like a Rock"


  1. So much to sing about. But those cookies ... mmmmmmmmm ... they look scrumptious!

    Post me one?

  2. i blame the hormones for making me cry on this post.

  3. Ali,
    The cookies were so warm and chewy and just the right ratio of chips to cookie.

    I wish I could have a plate right here that you could have your fill of.

    I would mail you some fresh baked if you like?

  4. Shae,
    Sillyness helps me survive.

    Karie girl,
    Those hormones are a b... But, I'm glad you were touched by the post.
    I don't know if you can tell, but I love my kids. :)

  5. i loved that. you are such a good mom!

  6. Great post, girl!

  7. Loving your playlist; & yes, you can say "sexy" on my blog :-)


and remember, words are my love language...