Lost and Found

Recently I've noticed some things that have been long forgotten. Things like knuckles showing on my hand and wrist bones. Things like ankle bones and tendons. Cheekbones and collarbones. Shoulders and elbows and hip bones.

Welcome back guys, I've missed you!

Went to visit some family and my great-niece runs up to greet me and after the hug she pats my stomach and says "Where is your baby? You had your baby?"

That....was.... awesome!


  1. OH how funny! And sweet! and, yes, downright AWESOME!


  2. this post makes me so very happy for you!!


    also, thank you for sharing the photos. you look amazing.

    are you still drinking the crystal light?!?

  3. Sweet!
    You can get use to banging them on things again- so worth it :-)

  4. Brilliant! Go girl go! You're an inspiration! I'm still rupturing muscles trying to find my zip.... (I've watched Mrs Doubtfire and I figure someone dropped the body suit on me some day I wasn't looking - the real me has to be in here somewhere...)

  5. Thanks everyone, sorry I am slow to respond. I love your encouragement!!!


and remember, words are my love language...