**Overheard in Chuck E. Cheese

Ah yes, the wonderful world of Chuck E. We got to spend a fabulous fun-filled four hours of complete and utter bedlam. And I subjected myself and my family to this willingly.

It was my daughter's choice for her birthday party. Happy 13th Elena!!! Go figure, she's 13 and still loves Chuck E. Cheese. And all of her friends - each one 13 years old - loved it just as much. I'm glad that neither she, nor her friends, are too cool for silliness, games and pizza yet. No high maintenance, too big for their own capris, prima donna friends for my girl. At least not yet.

So as the kids ran around eating ungodly amounts of pizza, I nursed a piece of lettuce while discussing the latest goings on with the other parents, who I also consider friends. A Chuck E. Cheese sing along begins. We watch. We laugh. The little ones are so cute.

They begin the conga line around the party room and the kids are following Chuck E. like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. One little boy in particular caught my eye.

Blonde, around 5 years old or so with his little faux-hawk he danced the most enthusiastically. The other children seemed as if they were dazed, confused and just going along for the sake of pleasing Mr. Cheese.

As I watched Tiny Dancer he began to yell somewhat quietly at first, then increasing in decibels as he was not getting any one's attention.

"Hey! Hey!! Hey!!!"

Seemingly no one acknowledge his keening wail except for me.

"Hey, I think I have a wedgie!!!"

After having properly announced his predicament, he felt he could then proceed accordingly. So, he hiked his leg up, reached his arm around rather dramatically to the aforementioned region of discomfort, and began to remedy the situation - with as much enthusiasm as his dancing - and all the while he never once missed a beat in the Chuck E. conga line.

As we say in our home he was going to the movies, and he was watching Finding Nemo.

Oh and we also say "Do NOT seek the treasure!"

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  1. I had my 16 bday at Chuck E. Cheese with my friends. It was totally fun!


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