Happy Blog Birth-versary to Me

In 3 days it will have been one year. It started on May 25th, 2007 with a gentle suggestion from friends. With me sometimes that's all it takes. Peer pressure would just be overkill.

So my dearies, if you are the type that needs to lay blame somewhere, you can blame the following: Kelly Fisher Sharon Ziegler and Nancy Monarch

They are the culprits who gave me the nudge that sent me over the blogging cliff.

You know what? I am so glad they did.

Here is where you come in, and I shamelessly insist that you pander to my needy ego with your acclamations and praise.

I want to know what in the world you've come away with from reading my blog over the past year...So please answer as many of the following questions as you like:

1. What is/was your favorite post and why?

2. What if anything have you learned about me?

3. What do you hate that I do (only on this blog!) and you wish I'd stop but you've never had the guts to say it to me - even though you might live in Finland - until now that I'm asking for it?

4. What would you like to see me write about over the next year? No really! I am going to keep a list and write about each and every request.

5. Who have you "met" from visiting my blog?

6. What keeps you coming back to visit my blog?

7. Are you anonymous and why don't you comment? I LOVE comments.

8. I am running out of questions...

9. Does the name of my blog totally throw you for a loop and you wish I'd change it?

10. Make up your own question for me.

Okay, whew. My brain hurts.

Well, that's it folks. Sorry we can't have a party with some cake or something...oh that's right, I don't like parties....


  1. Sorry, I'm not going to answer your questions just yet - just a comment:

    I think it's fun, when visiting someone's blog, to go right back to the start and read their first post. Some give a lenghty introduction, some launch straight into a diatribe of some nature, other don't really say anyting - and yet I think that does say something.

    I just read your first post. It was short and to the point. I liked it!

    I raise my coffee cup to you and another year of blogging!

  2. 1. I read your "Daddy Wait!" post over and over again and tears well up in my eyes each time.

    2. I have learned so much from you, not only in this blog either. I have seen a side of you I don't normally see every day.

    3. There isn't really anything I hate about your blog....

    4. I would love to see where your journey takes you over the next year and I love it when you write about your sweet children and when I can get a peek into your heart that is full of adoration for them.

    6. My love for you keeps me reading your blog.

    7. I comment when I can!!!! Now you're the one who never comments on mine.....

    9. It does throw me for a loop but I like it.

  3. 1. My favorite post: Love & Laundry. Here's why:

    "And odd as it sounds, I'm so grateful for the tree roots of life. Grateful for the growing pains and the inconveniences, because in these times I remember what is good and important in the scheme of things. The small wonderful moments are like a family, irrevocably tied to one another - woven together one fiber at a time and braided around one another."
    2. I have learned that you have great depth and wisdom, and humor and love, and I completely admire and rejoice in the relationship you have with Jesse. You guys are great.
    3. I don't know you well enough to hate anything about you. Hopefully, that will come one day. ;)
    4. I have no request as to your writings. I like them all.
    5. I have not met anyone from the blog world.
    6. I come back for the excellent writing. I know I will always feel satisfied after reading it.
    7. I don't think I've ever been anonymous.
    9. I like the name.
    10. I can't think of a question.

  4. Hi Dana,

    just found you and been reading. Rooting for you in the weight loss journey - might follow you on that one! I'll be back.

  5. For me, reading your blog is like stepping into a friends cosy, welcoming living room and having a chat over a cup of tea (or coffee in Cosmos case)

    I love that I have discovered we are so similar in so many ways, especially when it comes to being a bit OCD about the state of our houses!

    From visiting your site (and I'd love to remember just how we met up in blogland) I've made not just one new friend, but a wee crowd of them, including Nancy, Kellie and who could possibly forget Millie and Gertrude! OK maybe not Gertrude, she never forgave me for the St Paddys Day give-away thing

    The only thing that remains to be said is keep blogging! Blog, blog, blog! And then blog some more.

  6. Cosmo,
    Thank you very much! So glad we've met through this blog world.

    You are such a sweetie, always ready with a kind word for me. I love you dear!

    Wow. Just wow. Thanks so much! And when I say 'met' I mean, come to read their blog or they read yours...

    I am so glad you dropped by, hope you keep coming back! I visit you as well...As for the journey, I do have another blog specifically for the WLS. It's in my links and called Before the Fat Lady Sings....you can email me if you have any questions about WLS...I'll be glad to talk to you about it!

    Sweet friend Ali! I remember exactly how we 'met'! Pluto had read my post about Eddie and so I in turn read his blog. You are linked on there and I secretly read your blog for a while until you outed me. Remember "Hello friends from Houston"? Yeah, that was me. I am so glad I've had the chance to 'meet' you as well. I agree, even though we are very far in miles we are very close in spirit.


  7. Hi Dana,

    I really don't have any answers, but I wanted to say that I enjoy your blog greatly, even though I can't remember when I started reading!

    I *can* answer that I hop over to Candy Rant's blog from yours...I think her writing is brilliant, but I don't think we've officially been introduced.

    Congratulations on your Blogiversary!


  8. dont like parties.... hmmmmmm

  9. Miss me yet? LOL

  10. Jenni,
    I love Candy Rants' blog as well. She is real and raw and as you said a brilliant writer!

    Nope. Not at all.

    Yep, very much!


and remember, words are my love language...