Wicked Cool Winner...

If you haven't been following the comment thread on my last post, I would like to inform you that we have a winner ladies and gents.

And the winner is: *drum roll please*

Ali of the most beautiful Emerald Isle!!!

As soon as she gets her address to me, I will send her the prize.

Thanks so much for having fun with this...I had so much fun reading your guesses and fielding the emails asking begging me to just tell them already.


The answer? Yes, I guess you would want that.

It will be my
1 year Blogiversary on May 25th, 2008.

See, I told you it wasn't THAT big of a deal.

But - do look for more details regarding this celebration soon...


  1. WAY HEY! Now that's what I call luck of the Irish.

    And they say us Paddy's are thick :-p

  2. I think it is a conspiracy. Isn't it strange that Dana won on Ali's giveaway and now Ali has won the contest? I'm putting a call into Oliver Stone. Then I am phoning my contact in Membership Services to see it she knows what is going on around here. She is always in the know....

  3. Dana,

    Thanks for your note on my blog.

    My little girl's name is Caitlyn Aoife. That second name is pronounced ee-fa. It's an Irish name meaning beautiful - right, Ali?? - and also features in one of the fascinating stories of early Irish mythology: The Childern of Lir (although her namesake in the story is, perhaps, not the best role model - but I really liked the name!)

  4. Right Cosmo ... and, just while you're here, you wouldn't believe I would cheat, would you??

  5. Nancy, I'm with you! HA

    Wow, that anniversary snuck up on me, too. I hit my five year anniversary sometime this spring and totally forgot to woo hoo about it.

  6. Ali,
    Whoever "they" are haven't a clue do they?

    Aw come on...You think Oliver will make a movie?

    Sorry it was a bit late. When I first posted this contest, Ali's first guess was "Cosmos's new baby?" and I - for some odd reason - thought Pluto. So, I answered "Congrats Cosmo?" Looking back that sounds rather rude, my apologies.
    Love your daughter's name. The meaning behind it makes it all the better. I visited your secret blog and she is very true to her name!

    I know! I'm a bit miffed and have taken umbrage at the suggestion.

    Et tu, Brute? Oh the pain...

    Hey, you were blogging, when blogging wasn't cool.

  7. happy-blogday-birthy-thingy Dana. Just typical of our Ali!!! She's so in the know I reckon... either that or she bribes people with her fabulous chocolate pudding. Mmm yum. Not sure it would post over the pond, so all the more for locals to eat! Yeah!

  8. Courtney,
    I am? Wait...I am!!! I told you!!!

    Thank you so much, and thanks for stopping by! I do love Ali and yes, it is typical of her to get it right. MMMM, chocolate pudding? Although I am not a big pudding fan, right now that sounds SOOOO GOOD!!! Must be lunch time!

    Hope you come back!


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