Tag Meme Thingy

I was tagged by my sweet friend twin baby momma Courtney...thank you Court! Now I have something to blog about... because while I more often than not have something to say, sometimes it just shouldn't be said...

So here we go:

Tag Game-

I love the smell of - Napalm in the morning? Oh wait, we aren't playing movie quotes. I love the smell of coffee and fresh baked bread. Reminds me of my mom.

People would say that I - Would have no clue what they would say about me.

I don’t understand why - We don't know what the hell is on Joey's head.

When I wake up in the morning - I do many things. Mostly argue with my bladder, hit the snooze button (more than once) and roll over and try to go back to sleep.

I lost my willpower to - Believe I have anything called willpower.

Life is - An amazing journey. Sometimes we are in a sunny little meadow covered with flowers and blue skies and a cool breeze. Other times we are in a dark mosquito infested jungle hacking our way through the obstacles in our path. Either way, our family, our friends and our faith are what keep us going and guide our feet.

My past made me - Appreciate the fact that we are not bound by our past. We are shaped and sculpted by it. We are moved towards our future by it. But we are not completely defined by it nor are we held captive to it. And, no matter what was in the past, we can grow beyond the mold that once formed us. We can step back, take a look at the work and begin to reshape the lines and smooth the edges. We can redefine the definition of who we are. The past is just that, history and not prophecy.

I get annoyed when I - Meet people who intimidate me and I come across sounding stupid.

Parties are not a good time to - Admit you hate parties.

Dogs are - Sitting right here beside me looking up at me ever so expectantly. They want a treat. They need a bath.

Cats are - I don't have a cat. I like cats, I've had cats growing up and I loved them dearly. But now I have dogs and I do think my dogs would torture a cat much like an older brother tortures his sister - to death.

Tomorrow is - The first day of June. We will be half way through the year and already we've had several weeks of the torrid sweltering season known as summer. I so look forward to January and the promise of at least two semi-chilly days.

I have low tolerance for - Shushing. I HATE to be shushed. If you EVER want to annoy me, tick me off, see me miffed or straight out make me cuss...Shush me. See #5 of this post.

I’m totally terrified of - Heights. Oh and THIS.

I wonder why I thought my life would be - A lot like a fairy tale.

Never in my life have I - Jumped off of a bridge because my friends did it - despite my mother's worst fears.

High school was - I kind of remember it as a montage of various scenes from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Breakfast Club, Rock 'n Roll High School, Ferris Bueller's Day Off & Napoleon Dynamite. That is to say, what I actually can remember of high school...

When I’m nervous - I talk too much. Go figure, like you could tell the difference between nervous and calm right? I mean I talk a lot any ways, so how could you know???

One time at a family gathering - My mom was steaming home grown broccoli. If you've ever steamed home grown broccoli you know that it can have a pungent odor quite similar to, well, to put it nicely, bodily expelled gas. Each time another person walked in the door they would immediately screw their nose up and you could see the words flash neon red across their faces "okay, who farted?!?!". We began explaining "mom is making broccoli". That Thanksgiving the tradition of calling that particular body function 'making broccoli' had begun in our family. Sigh. Good times.

Take my advice - Never eat the pecans from the bag of Texas Pecan Coffee. Ne-ver.

I'm almost always - On a computer.

I’m addicted to - My husband, my kids, Lost, American Idol, Jesus, blogging, facebook, music.

I want someone to - Explain to me, if everyone is unique in their own way, are we really all that unique?

Okay. The deed has been done. You now know me that much more. Although I'm sure there are a few tidbits your life could have gone on quite merrily without...

Who to tag? Hmmm...Wils is new to the circle so I tag her. Mr. Ex Planet himself hasn't blogged in a while, so perhaps he needs some fodder. Pluto, tag you are it! Who else, who else...Yes, I have it...from one of my favorite blogs, One Thing, Miss Jenni!


  1. This tag wasn't as difficult as some of the others... I was going to post on your blog a birthversary and say keep blogging and more often would suit me just fine. Also love the name, keep it. And in reference to not getting a word in, nope you are no way even close to being that way at all.

  2. yay! now i know more useless things about dana! except...is anything really useless when you're friends??? you tell me. love you tons!

  3. hahahahahaha! do you know which answer made me smile and laugh?

  4. that you hate parties.... best one yet!

  5. Nancy,
    It was hard for me...I think I make it harder than it has to be.
    Keep blogging, got it.
    Blog more often, got it.
    Keep the name, check.
    Not getting a word in, not me, WHEW!

    Oh I think knowing that Tom Jones' chest hair scares the bejeezus out of me is a very useful nugget of information missy. BUT it all depends on how you use it. Like are you going to randomly send me pictures of his bare chest to try and traumatize me? Not right. Or, are you going to throw yourself in front of the life sized posters in the music store to save me from years of therapy? Good stuff Maynard. So you tell me...

    The one about Joey's head? Maybe?

    But of course you knew that about me didn't you?

  6. Hey! I only just now saw this because for some reason I cannot figure out how to see who is linking to me from my Typepad home. I'm really not impressed with the Typepad, honestly. I'm quite disgruntled, to tell the truth. I'd like to leave, but I only just came and it seems like so much trouble. Grumble, grumble...

    ANYWAY. Was I talking?

    Oh, the meme! Yes, I like this meme! It looks like fun and might I say that you completed it with amazing creativity. The "joey's head" and "making broccoli" made me LOL.

    thanks for the compliment too...it made my night. And probably all of tomorrow, and part of the next day too.


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