*Let's Review Shall We?

  • The 's' word is back. Oh yes, it's true. And my house is not immune. We've had to get used to waking up extra early again, buying completely unnecessary school supplies, get just a few hundred new articles of clothing and wait for the bus at an indecent hour while battling ginormous mosquitoes from hell. All this plus fill out and sign 5000 freakin' forms - per. child. Ladies and gentlemen, Hormones R' Us is back in business.
  • On Tuesday several co-workers and I attended a Writer's Workshop. Miss Nancy and Sharona have already commented on their blogs with their take of the experience - exploit - undertaking - adventure. I have to say this was such a worthwhile day for me. Well, okay 99% of it was. But I will gladly get to that 1% in a just a minute. I learned a few good pointers in the first half of the seminar and was reminded of good writing skills the in the second seminar. I must say the second part of the day was the best part, because I spent most of the time laughing at Sharon & Nancy. I knew when Nancy arrived we would likely be in trouble in no time. Yessss!!! Like when the speaker brought up a comparison of Billy Joel's song "She's Always a Woman" to Lionel Richie's "Three Times a Lady" First giggles, then snickering, then all out laughter that I am trying to hide because well, the 1% again, wait for it...but I could not hide the fact that I was laughing simply because I was trying to hide it and this caused more attention to be brought to the fact and made my shoulders bounce up and down and my face turn beet red so much so that the speaker even noticed. (beets always looked purple to me) Someone at our table tries to guess what I've found humorous Lionel Richie? Head shake no. Billy Joel? Head shake no. Sharon, who knows me too well, says Buckwheat huh? Yes! Laughing only harder I begin to sing, "Munce, tice, fee tines a mady..." Nancy questioned what makes a lady 3 times a lady, I surmise it's because she's obese. That, Mr. Richie, makes me 10 tines a mady. Lovies, lest you think your hard earned dollars were wasted, I want to assure you that is not all that I took home with me, no way, uh uh, I learned much, much more. Important things like:
  1. Dang it, I am long winded.

  2. How to interview with or without a tape recorder because Lame is Rob.

  3. I like the words tertiary, genre, kudzu and conjured. I should try to use them often.

  4. I now have a valid excuse for reading blogs all the time - even at work - since it will help to hone my writing skills.

  5. I can not stand in any way, shape or form to be shushed. In fact I absolutely hate it beyond all reason. Especially if the person shushing me has no reason to shush me and does not shush anyone else who actually needs a good shushing and the shusher is in fact the same age or younger than the shushee. (and yes, that is the 1% you've been waiting for.)

  6. I still hold grudges and I really, really, need Jesus.
  • I've come to the conclusion that I still have way too much growing up to do. Just when I think that I have come a considerable ways, I look back and forth and read the sure signs of immaturity. Like hating to be shushed. Or needing to tell everyone that I was shushed. With that said, I turn 41 next week. I know, hard to believe right? I mean I write like a 20 year old. The other night we pulled a box from storage hoping to find some school supplies that were purchased back some years ago. What we found instead were several photographs that had long been forgotten. One was of me holding my baby girl, and in the photo I look like a baby myself. Could I have ever looked so young? And does that mean I look terribly old now? I don't care about a number. I just want to age with a fight and look good while I fight. But thinking back to that day, I haven't matured very much in so many areas of my life. Areas that seem to hold me down and beat me to a pulp like a school yard bully trying to steal my lunch money. I know that it is me who is the bully...and I am the weakling as well. There are other areas that I've gained a measure of wisdom in and that is clear to me as well. As Amy said today, two steps forward, one back. I serisously think my little game o' hopscotch has gone on long enough. Time to pick up my marker and and go home. Also found in the box was the following limerick from my then 8 year old daughter. The girl does me proud:

There once was a mom named Dana!
She's so pretty she has no shama!
She's as cute as a puppy!
She always is lucky!
Love your daughter Elena!

  • The love of my life leaves for New York tomorrow morning at 5 am for a week long mission trip (his very first!) working with the Crossroads Church in Staten Island, NY. They are going to be doing some pretty cool stuff while there, please pray for them.

Well my faithful readers, I think that is about all I have time for. You've been sufficiently schooled in the week that was and yes, there will be a quiz later. Don't worry, you get extra points for chocolate...

(*Working Title. Other suggestions: I will not talk during class. I write, therefore I am. Did she just shush me, she did not just shush me? Wookin' Pa Nub. Where's that monkey? E. All of the above.)


  1. Hi, my name is Nancy. Hello Nancy. I confess I HATE to be shushed. I agree it makes more noise than noise I am making or anyone is making. It draws attention to the shusher that at that very minute they were above the 'rift'. But just a few minutes ago they were involved in the whole fun thing.

    I had so much fun at our table and I think the fun helped me learn a lot. Looking at the other tables, I began to feel sorry for them. They were learning without all the fun.

  2. Nancy we are the "unshushables"!

  3. being shushed... it wasnt me was it? ;-)
    if adn when you are shushed... start talking louder!!!!

  4. I'm so glad I didn't know I was being shushed. I probably would have said, "shush" back or something bratty or bratty in German. I'm too old to be shushed.

    I didn't get the nickname Sassy for nothing.

    Dana, you must show me how to get the pretty flower bullets...for blogging bulleting purposes, not for anything else that may have crossed your mind.

  5. Shush! Ha! That words looks funny when you type it out, huh? Kind of like "genere".....ugh! :0

    Praying for Jesse this week - and you and the kids, too!

  6. I was dying with this post...gotta love buckwheat!!!!!

    i hate being sushed too....probably more than i hate being called stupid.

    elena's flippin' adorable and she adores her mommy...you can tell that!

  7. Court - you know who it was and you know it was not you...thanks for the advice!

    Shae - hmm, flower bullets...okay, I'm back...sure, but I think it goes with the template.

    Kelly! - you are back! We need your genre of blogging! Thanks for praying...I am feeling that coverage.

    Karie - O-Tay! So what is it about shushing that gets straight to our nerves?

  8. i don't know! it just grates on every inch of every nerve in my body. i'm not a child and i can make my own decisions. and i'm not going to listen to ppl when they tell me to shush, it just makes me want to slap them. maybe it comes from being told to shut up by my brother whenever i said a word to him when i was younger.

  9. You girls make me laugh! And to think that your employer paid for you to have so much fun! I'm glad that we are friends and that I'm allowed at the lunch table!

    Oh, and I apologize if I have ever shushed you. . . lol



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