You just never know...

3 years ago, around this time of year, there was a knock on Mr. Steve's door. He opened the door and recognized the man as one of his neighbors. Handshakes, hello's and the usual questions were shared. Then the neighbor handed Mr. Steve an envelope and said "The Lord has placed it upon my heart to bless you with this." Mr. Steve was taken aback and unsure as to what to do with the $100 check he found inside. His neighbor wasn't in the financial position to have made this offering, his business had been doing poorly, surely he needed it more than Mr. Steve did. However upon the attempt to return the money, the neighbor insisted he keep it - the Lord told him he was to do this, and he obeyed. It was some time later that Mr. Steve found the need for the money - and some time later that the same neighbor's business began to fare well once again.

2 years ago, around this time of year, we moved in to this same neighborhood. We have made acquaintances with our neighbors, finding most of them to be follower's of Christ. Some neighbors we would see out in their yards working, playing with their children, waving hello to them and saying our how are you's as they go to and from their daily lives, but more than this not much else has been shared between us. Other neighbors are closer to us, our children play with their children, we've shared prayers and tears and so on. Mr. Steve would fit in the first category.

1 year ago, around this time of year, Jesse signed up to go on a mission trip that would happen in September of '07. He had some funds from a previous mission trip that he was unable to go on, but there was still quite a large amount to raise but felt certain that the Lord had laid it upon his heart to go. Although he had as much as a year to raise the funds, the anxiety to provide would get overwhelming at times. Despite his worries, he knew the Lord would somehow provide each and every dime needed to go on the trip.

1 day ago, Mr. Steve knocked on our door and handed Jesse an envelope. Upon opening it Jesse found $100 with a note saying, "I hope this will help you on your mission trip. Signed, Mr. Steve" Jesse and I were surprised, how could he know? Both of us teared up at this gesture. Jesse went to talk to him and thank him. He asked him why and Mr. Steve explained, 3 years ago, around this time of year, there was a knock on my door...


  1. how nice!!

    it's just like that pay it forward movie.

    so now it's your turn to help out a neighboor in need.

  2. That's awesome! It just goes to show we may not understand why God asks us to do certain things, but we need to be obedient nonetheless.

  3. what a good story!

    thats awesome!

  4. After our writing conference I wish I had something witty to say or transition to or personalize the story and not the facts, but to quote a old proverb, "brain dead." Love this story! I love how God is always in the details


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