Well, Ike is gone. We are safe. The world around me looks like one big lawn cleaning party. Piles and piles of limbs and cut down trees line the streets and neighborhoods.

Everywhere we go the strain of the past few days is etched deeply on the faces of the people we talk to. No lights. No water. No phones. No place you can go without waiting for hours and hours in lines of people or cars for, what would be in a normal world, everyday conveniences acquired hastily and without pause. Gas, bread, water and ice seem such precious commodities now.

We have survived. No damage to our home. No damage to our bodies. And, as the past few days have proved, no damage to our spirits. If anything, this storm has fortified our will to carry on and make do with what we have.

You've seen it on the news, neighbors helping neighbors. People reaching out to one another extending support and exhibiting selflessness. It's the same story in our area. No one will go without necessities if we can help it.

We came up to the church to check on things. My husband has come here to work for the past few days. Repairing things around the building. Cutting down fallen trees. Hauling off trash. I took a moment to check emails and post this little note.

It feels kind of strange to see pictures on websites of all that has been going on since I have been long without communication to the outside world. As my neighbor said, you can only watch the news after hurricane if it doesn't strike you. I am sure the devastation is far reaching and incredibly depressing to watch. At least it has been whenever I've seen the aftermath on the news.

But this post is to let you know, that the news is not all bad. There are pockets of joy. There are areas of blessing.

If you are here in Houston, then this post is to let you know I am fervently praying you are okay. Hoping all is well and asking you to let me know if you need anything.

If you are not in Houston, then this post is to let you know what is happening here in my stretch of land. Asking you to pray fervently for those of us who have lost so much that we would hold dear to what we have left. Each other.

I will check back soon I hope.


  1. So glad to hear that you all are safe; there are so many tales of tragedy & loss, we'll take the blessings when they come.
    Praying with you over your trials with the "alien"- I've been down that road before, so I understand that pain; still awaiting the victory, but I am assured by others that it will come someday.

  2. i'm just glad you are safe and sound!!

  3. delighted you, your family, your house and your church are all fine.

    Sounds like there's a big dose of what we call 'Dunkirk Spirit' going round over there. We experienced the same after our bomb.

    Keep us posted

  4. Prayers for everyone who felt Ike's wrath...glad you are all safe...

  5. Meg,
    There are many stories and we truly count ourselves blessed. As for the 'alien' I know, I thought of you and one other blogging friend and knew you would feel my pain. Thank you for the encouragement!

    Me too!!!

    Me too! Dunkirk Spirit we've got. Didn't I tell you Americans are all part Irish? :)

    Thanks friend...I know you get your share of the aftermath in OK...most of our hurricanes tend to track your way.

    Powerless no more!


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