Life Has Been Life

Deep right? THAT should go on a bumper sticker. Or at least in a fortune cookie...

And while it's an excruciatingly simple statement that explains absolutely nothing, my friends it's so very, very true. For the past few weeks I've done my share of avidly pursuing life, liberty and personal happiness.

I don't think I caught anything but a wretched summer cold.

And so while sniffling my way through the chase I've not stopped long enough to post anything to my beloved blog except for a meme, thank you Ali.

I will say that I started several posts yet I never finished them and as I go back and read them they seem rather uninteresting and so very much yesterday's news.

So rather than drone on about the past, I thought I'd give you a Cliffs Notes version of it all to keep it short and sweet. Okay, maybe just short.

There will be a test later, with a written essay portion so please pay attention. Or...not.

*takes exaggerated deep breath*

Well, we got back from Florida and went back to work and there was plenty of work all around the church like the worship center, which is in it's final days of being renovated here at work/church and some of the work they were doing was producing "non-toxic" fumes which made it impossible to work in some areas in fact for several days the fumes were so strong we had to relocate our office in to the Fellowship Center which made for a good time as I've not had a window in my office in a while so I could look out and see it raining which it hasn't done that in a while even though we've had SEVERAL threats and near misses which is kind of disappointing because even though I don't want the damage and destruction a hurricane can bring I have an odd fascination with, or perhaps better stated, I am obsessed with and love having bad weather and would just like to have one day home with a really blustery thunderstorm or two but that isn't anywhere in our near future for the next week we are only getting hot weather and no surprise there because it's Houston which is not Beijing where the Olympics were and were very exiting indeed especially all the swimming although perhaps not as exciting, momentous or as strenuous (at least on my nerves) as going back to school - that is at least to my children who have moped and whined and complained and murmured every day since it's beginning this year even though we've done hardly a thing during the summer other than Florida to keep them entertained and distracted from the fact that they had nothing to do which led to mostly sleeping and reading and eating all great things in small quantities to be sure but not for three months straight but rather than head back to seeing and spending great gobs of social time with their friends and learning new and exciting things about our world they would rather be at home watching Camp Rock - which has the Jonas Brothers & Naruto - which doesn't have the Jonas Brothers but is apparently just as interesting but not as appealing on a poster or in a Disney movie and speaking of movies since we are in Houston and it has been so endlessly hot we've done our fair share of staying out of the heat and in theaters watching movies like The Dark Knight (amazing - absolutely amazing), The Incredible Hulk (great), Get Smart (funny) Speed Racer (ugh, waste of money, don't get me started but I was a fan as a kid so I wanted to see it and now I wish I had gone to see...) Iron Man (I hear it was fantastic) & Hancock (eh, didn't care for it so much) and I guess that about brings you up to date other than this week is the week before my birthday and I don't have really big plans other than spending more time out of the heat and indoors with my family which includes my brother who is coming to visit from Virginia with his wife, step-daughter and my nephew all of whom (who? that one always gets me along with effect or affect no matter how many times I look it up) I've never met (well, duh I've met my brother) other than in pictures and speaking of pictures along with my brother's visit and my birthday, my 6 month post-surgery anniversary is coming up and I hope to be posting more pictures of the progress along with birthday/family re-union photos.

*takes not exaggerated deep breath and sighs*

There. You are now up to speed and fully informed of all the events of the past few months in the unceasingly exciting lives of the Moya's.

Now, if you will, please take out your #2 pencils....


  1. I am out of breath reading this. Don't do that to me right now!!!


  2. You should check out my blog, I have an answer for your cold! :)

  3. Wow, the fumes have given me a headache, too! :0

    The only thing I miss about working up at the church - is you, Rae, Nancy...and a few others.

  4. missed you on here. glad youre back :-)

  5. I'm glad you're back too! I have been thinking about how to re-start my blog again . . . maybe I'll think of something soon! :)

  6. Nancy,
    Sorry! Hope you are breathing better.

    Um, ew. But thanks!

    Perhaps it was the never ending run-on sentence that gave you the headache. I miss you too!

    Ali,'s good to be missed!

    It's been since father's day hasn't it? I know, life get's all life-ish and blogs fall behind....


  7. glad you are back in the swing of things!


and remember, words are my love language...