On Being 12

A size 12! Thank you very much.

Well, I promised a weight-loss update so, true to my word, here you go my adoring fans. I must insert the usual "be forewarned" disclaimer that I've merely got a camera phone and my photographer is usually my daughter who forgets to tell me "when". So, with that said, some of the pictures are less than good. Dude, what can I say? I'm no Stan Kwan.

Just to refresh your memory let's begin with where else? Uh, the beginning, duh.

A 315 lb me Nov. 2007

That bears repeating, 315 lbs!


1 month after surgery.

3 months after surgery.

And now for the latest photos...

Me...almost 7 months post-surgery. 133 lbs lighter and a size 12.

Shut up! A size 12...Can I just tell you I giggled when I tried these pants on?
I just did.

Me. Again....oh yeah, it is my update.
What's with the funky face?
(That would be the NO warning I referred to earlier.)

Alas me lovies, that's all the blurry, poorly lit, horribly posed, same old kitchen for a background photos I have. For now.

Where from here? Not sure. If the weight loss gods* have forsaken me and left me for greener pastures, then I am just hunky-dory with that. I consider this weight loss surgery journey a success so far.

Considering that I've gone from 2 diabetes injections, 2 to 4 blood sugar finger tests, 2 blood pressure meds, a handful of pain meds A DAY to none of the above a day. I've gone from a size 26/28 to a size 12. From 315 lbs. to 182 lbs. From 165 pounds to goal, to 33 pounds to goal. I've gone from not being able to sit in a chair comfortably (without my hips hanging out the sides and over the edge) to...well...it's still not comfortable but it's now because I have very little cushion between my tail-bone and the chair...I've gone from wanting to sleep all the time to, oh wait, ha, that's still true. From not being active with my family to being active....Any way, you get the picture. If not, scroll up and start over.

So, that's it for now. I will update again at 9 months. The same amount of time of a full term pregnancy. Except by then it will be as if I've given birth to a full grown man.

*(please do not take offense. I am a Jesus loving, scripture believing, Holy Spirit filled girl...I would never be so silly as to truly think that the weight loss gods have forsaken me...so there.)


  1. dana! wow! that is amazing! congratulations! i am writing with a lot of exclamation points! and i still want to hang out... :)

  2. That is so awesome- I'm so proud of you (& enormously envious- but that's my vice :-P)

  3. seriously, you could wear my pants. not kidding.

  4. So proud of YOU, my friend, so proud!


  5. Jaclyn,
    I still want to hang out too!! I commented on Facebook! I Texted you! I've emailed! I've not heard back!!!
    Love exclamation points!

    Thank you! You live in California, travel all over the place, have a great job, a great family and lots of friends YOU have nothing to envy!

    No way.

    Thank you! I appreciate all the encouragement!

  6. That's so cool! You look amazing!

  7. Ali,

    Thanks love...lunch? Soon?

  8. wow, dana -- what an awesome "after" story. you look and sound like you're happier. that's what's important. I'm going to wear a size 12 soon too. very inspiring. = ]

  9. WOW.


    You are so beautiful, Dana!

  10. Citlali,
    Definitely the happiness and health are what is important. Numbers are just that...(but I gotta tell you, the numbers make me smile!)

    Thank you! Wow, that compliment coming from such a beautiful woman means a lot to me!

  11. Dana-I'm so proud of you! You are AWESOME!

    Like a superstaaar!

  12. Oooooohhhhhhhhh! So deeply envious, but hey, hats off to you girl, stunning figure!

  13. dang girl, you are hot.

    no wait....make that HAWT!!!

  14. Jessica,
    Except I don't sniff my armpits.

    Hey, who knew what was hiding in there? But it has been a lot of hard work...YOU can do it too! (If I can, anyone can!)

    Awww...shucks ma'am, I'm blushing...


and remember, words are my love language...