The Art of Communication

For just a moment imagine with me a world without communication. Don't just take away words, there are many ways to make a statement. Of course the most obvious being words, but a few others would be art, music, material things and so on. Remove the ability to express your desires and needs and we would not be able to function as a society. And as an American I would say we have such a unique grasp on all things vernacular. Hey, we all know the Brits envy our command of the English language, what with our ability to articulate coupled with our style of elocution and tada - horribly jealous Limeys. The French and the Italians feel the same. Okay, that's not true.
Communication is my love language. I love to talk. Oh, and I guess I like for people to talk to me as well...In fact I've chronicled some of my favorite conversations and would like to share them with you here. Please note the depth of these conversations not only via words, but the multiple layers of emotions expressed within those words all combined to show us the beautiful art of communication...

Hubby: I was having a weird dream.
Me: Oh?
Hubby: Yeah, I was at the Garden Bookstore and they were selling cheese cake.
Me: Oh?
Hubby: Yeah, it cost $70 a slice.
Me: What?!
Hubby: I know! I walked away and she was all "sir, sir!" and I said "you're crazy, $70 a slice!"
Me: hmm.
some time passes...
Hubby: I think I've got it figured out.
(I'm thinking how he must have come up with how to do something pretty amazing like buy paint, some curtains and a new cabinet all within our budget...oh, I am so shallow...)
Hubby: That cheesecake would cost like $600 for the whole thing.

Here's a favorite:

Hubby: *very quiet for some time*
Me:(deep in thought about how to save the world I look at him and wonder...) What'cha thinkin'?
Hubby: Nothin'
Me: No really, what are you thinking about?
Hubby: No really, nothing at all. *smiles*
Me: (a little annoyed at his disregard of my need for attention and my attempt at being loved and adored) You cannot seriously just sit there for over an hour and not think about anything. You have to be thinking something!
Hubby: (sensing my annoyance and wanting to appease his loving and patient wife) Well, I'm not.
Me: *minor cuss word* Seriously! Your brain has to have SOMETHING going on in there, no matter how shallow or random, there has to be some sort of thought process going on! It is physically, no wait, mentally impossible to have NOTHING in your brain.
Hubby: *sighs* Well, okay. I was thinking, if our knees bent the other way, how would we sit?
Me: *very quiet for some time*
Me: No wonder men always say nothing.

And yet another gem from the conversation treasure chest:

Me: So who was it that said that?
Hubby: One of the ladies that works with the kids.
Me: The kids where?
Hubby: You know, the little ones.
Me: Oh. So the First Kids? I mean FBA Primary Kids? So, which lady?
Hubby: I don't know her name, but she's black.
Me: 95% of them are black hon.
Hubby: I know.
Me: (knowing he wants to be able to tell me exactly who, I try to help...) So was she tall/short, thin/fat, old/young?
Hubby: Not too old. She has big teeth.
Me: Dark skinned/light skinned?
Hubby: Not too big. She knows Renee.
Me: They all know Renee, she worked with them.
Hubby: Well, Renee was talking to her.
Me: *sigh* Was I there when Renee was talking to her?
Hubby: No, but I was. So you know who I'm talking about?
Me: Exactly.

And apparently the acorn lands really close to the verbiage tree.

MiL: I saw someone you know today.
Me: Really? Who?
MiL: I don't know his name, but he was white.
Me: Oh. *smiles*
MiL: *annoyed* He goes to your church and he knows you.
Me: (Thinking, our church has 3000 members and most of them are white.)
MiL: He was kind of you know, your age and he says he knows you.
Me: Did he say where he knows me from?
MiL: He did some sort of something with you and Jesse. He knows Jesse too, but he mentioned you.
Me: But he knows Jesse and didn't get his name?
MiL: He said it but you know me with names. *excited at the memory of a helpful detail* He's kind of tall!
Me: Oh him.

Get the tree and the acorn together and it's even more fun:

MiL: I saw T.W. today, he's back.
Hubby: You did, where was he?
MiL: He was gone, remember?
Hubby: No I didn't know that...where was he?
MiL: We thought he was on a mission trip, don't you remember?
Hubby: So how did his mission trip go?
MiL: He wasn't on a mission trip. I told you that.
Hubby: When did you see him?
Me: *silent screaming*
MiL: He was on some sort of trip, you know what I'm talking about?
Me: (a pilgrimage? a honeymoon? an acid trip? WHAT?)
Hubby: How is he?
MiL: He said "tell Jesse that I love him and he is one amazing man."
Hubby: Someone must be doing things in my name.
MiL: That's what he said, he loves you.
Hubby: So where was his mission trip to?
MiL: Not a mission trip...One of those trips where they do that training know?
Hubby: He said that about me?
Me: *walking out*

Oh, there are so many more. The memories are endless, but that is all I have time for now. Go communicate with your loved ones, and use words if you have to!


  1. LOL... that Garden Bookstore and their high cheesecake prices!

    That cheesecake better be made by a famous chef to cost that much.

    What did hubby eat before he went to bed?

  2. sounds like some of the conversations i have with certain people....(kristen, marian, sharon, my mom, myself). haha

  3. Dana, the knees bending backwards made me laugh out loud! Sounds like you could write a best-selling book that would have people rolling on the floor!

  4. Dana....after an absolutely exhausting day - it was so fun to read this post and laugh my butt off....don't you wish we could really do that - laugh our butt off? Hmmmm, I see a blog coming about this....

  5. Dana,

    These were hilarious! I laughed so hard!

  6. HA HA! I need to do a blog like this...I have several good ones!


and remember, words are my love language...