That Was The Week That Was

This week has been one to go in the history books. There was the good, the bad, and the downright uuuugly! Yes, of course I will start with the good...

My bff Court is preggers!!!!! YES!!!!!! With twins! YES, YES!!!!! And that's way good! Pregnant, no big deal you say? What the que, you say? Women get pregnant all the time. Yes, yes they do, but did you read her blog? Did you see the roller coaster ride she took? The painful, exciting, happy, sad, all in one journey that it was? And she gave you the abridged version. When the news hit, there were screams of joy, laughter, jumping up and down and much crying. And that was just me!!! I'm sure the rest of her family and friends felt the same. I know they did...we heard a lot of it! But, I must say that this news affected, wait,, affected (do you not always pause with those two?) in such a way as to make me sob so hard off and on all day. Soul crying I call it. Emotions that well up from so deep in your soul the only way it can come out is through deep racking sobs. Tears of joy, yes. You see while Court went through the first leg of her journey, I was on a similar journey of my own. NO I wasn't trying to get pregnant. I won't go into details, I don't want to take away from her story. Suffice it to say, we walked similar paths, were on similar emotional upheavals and both had hopes dashed to the rocks. I would often tell her that we were on different journeys, similar paths...sometimes our paths were so similar we would see each other through the trees and wave, urging one another on through the unknown. I prayed so fervently for my sweet sister. I cried over her loss, cried over her joys, wept to the Lord for her to have the strength to hold on to Him and keep going. I begged the Father to show her His hand in this, to be light to her in the darkness and to be a safe haven in the storms. So for me, when this news hit, it was very, very personal. It was affirmation of the Father answering prayers and revealing part of His plan for her. I am praising God with you Court! I am weeping tears of awe and thankfulness at the goodness of our God.

Sweet Becky told us of her engagement! Yes, there were more tears! If you don't know the story, you should ask her to tell it to you! She has such a beautiful heart and I swear you can see Jesus in her eyes. And I am so very excited to see what the Lord will do when they become one instrument in His hands. I am also praising God with you Becky! And yes, I am weeping tears of thankfulness as well. Not because you are engaged - (I mean that is great, but I am not saying thank GOD she is engaged, whew, we thought it would never happen!) - but because of the joy you and your fiance' share. It is a visible example of the love Christ has for the church and the love the bride has for Christ. Your eyes were so beautiful as you told your story! Barukh attah Adonai m'sameach chatan v'khalla! That is a Jewish wedding blessing that means "Blessed art thou, LORD, who gladdens groom and bride." Mazal Tov!

eMiLy was gone for a whole week!!!

That was the very good...and now for the bad.
I miss my two older children a lot. They are both serving our country and it keeps them far from home. On Wednesday night I texted both of them and told them I was thinking of them. My son called back and it was so good to hear his voice. After we talked for a while, he told me he is being deployed in March. Seems far away enough, but it will be here far too soon. He isn't allowed to say where, but hinted at Iraq. When they can't tell you it's usually something like that. It doesn't matter where, it's not American soil and it's not safe times, even on American soil. My oldest daughter leaves for Afghanistan in September. This along with the rest of my life as it is, keeps the knees bent and my heart ever talking to our Father in heaven.

Not that I believe in anything as silly as bad luck on Friday the 13th. But I must say, Friday was not a fun day in the least. My bbf1 (best boss forever) is leaving for 3 weeks and indeed filled my 'in box' with extra work. (Perhaps he doesn't trust me to stay busy enough while he is gone...not really, we have SO much to do...) 95 % of my work relies on my computer. On Friday, the same amount relies on my printer and my copier. For 1/2 the day my computer was broken - no really broken. Nothing I did would convince it to work. Finally I hunted down our computer guy and made him fix it. 1/2 before lunch. With half the day shot, I got to work (after lunch of course!) and lo and behold the printer decided it would have a turn at a little fun. Shut. Up. I was not amused. After a few pounds on the buttons, the sides and the on/off switch I convinced it that now was NOT the time and it conceded. NEXT, oh yes, there is a next, came my copier. Well, after much the same treatment as the printer it cooperated. There were tears, there were words and there was definitely some attitude. I was so ready for the day to end, I couldn't take it anymore. There was more, way more, added to the aggravation. But for now, this will do to give you the idea. Yep, the 14th couldn't come fast enough for me!

And now for the uuuugly.
I really don't have anything for this...except maybe I can't stop crying. I don't know what it is. I think I am going through peri-menopause. Geesh. Hmm, I guess that's ugly. I cry over everything. I don't mean nice little girlie sniff-sniff tears. I mean snot dripping, nose blowing, mess up your make-up, can't understand what I'm saying, won't stop for nothing tears. And they are ever present ready to spring forth at the most inappropriate moments. Like in the middle of HOME DEPOT for heaven's sake. Yeah, that is ugly. Over the stupidest thing. It has nothing to do with anything that has happened this week. Although that adds to it. The crying was going on a month or so before. It's not depression, the only black cloud I see is in our Houston sky...again. Some of the tears are called for, like with Court's news, the computer and so on...but most of them have no excuse to be here (like Home Depot). Perhaps this is what Jesus meant when he said
" Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him." Yeah maybe not. But whatever the case may be...they are here and I am looking forward to heaven when He shall wipe away every tear.

So there you have it. Momentous news all around.
That was the week that was. Or as Walter Cronkite used to say "That's the way it is."


  1. i am finally on the blog... great day for me!

  2. i will be praying for you dana. that black cloud will leave. I KNOW IT

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