mmm....YUMMY!! Follow-up...

Just to let you know, the almond filled cookie crusts weren't the best, although it wasn't anything a little vanilla ice cream couldn't fix!

I am thinking either the added coconut altered the texture and made it dry or I will have to roll the crust thinner...cook and learn.

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  1. Hi Dana, It would be an honor to be linked on your blog. Your poem "She Says To Me" could have been written about me. I was a cutter in my B.C. days. I have hidden in a camo-suit of flesh for nearly all my life. But, now, the battle is not waged alone. Abba Father loves His daughter: fat, thin, depressed or manic. I am secure in His love and that, that is my Mighty Weapon for battle. :) So, yes girl, link me (and write to me), I'd love it. Blessings abound to you this day. Shaun


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