Ouch - UPDATE!

Well, the baby didn't wait 5 weeks...Jesse Clay Wright was born yesterday at 3:03 pm weighing a whopping 10lbs and 8 ounces. Jesse is healthy and according to dad, very adept at all things baby! I was hoping I would have pictures by now...but will post as soon as I do.

Thank you for your prayers!

10 lbs, big bones and 5 weeks to go. That's what my brother said. Have I told you? He is close enough to 50 years old and about to have his first bouncing baby boy...yes, yes, his WIFE is about to have their first... They had a Dr. visit today and he called to update me with the news. So I tactfully say to him "I know she is NOT going to deliver that child the old fashioned way is she?" and being the eloquent communicative man that he is, he replied "Nope." "Oh thank God!" So, Dr. Baby is going to test and see that the big-boneded bundle of joy has lungs that are mature enough before he is surgically removed. To that I say, Doc, the child is developed enough to wear Huskies to middle-school already, bring him out!

(Baby Jesse 34 weeks.)


  1. Oh how precious! I thank God for this technology. Women can see just 'who' they are carrying- not 'what'. Praise Him. Congratulations, Auntie. (schoolgirl squeal)

  2. my fella became a father 2 months before turning 50...and just to make things clear - i am his first wife, and the bearer of his first child! fatherhood keeps 'em young.


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