I've been at it again, it seems I can never leave well enough alone. The urge hits me and everything in my way gets turned around. It starts with me wondering if this chair might look better in that spot and perhaps that picture would show off this wall and then I've found myself having gotten in deeper than I'd like. Oh, and don't stand in one spot for too long because I will dust you off and stick you in another room as well.

There are specific goings on I could finger as the impetus of my furniture whirlwind. On the one hand the action helps me to work through the stress and worry of the moment. On the other hand the shuffling about of the tangible in my life is indicative of the desire to rearrange the intangible. That which cannot be moved nor cannot be made to be seen in a better light.

I've spent quite a few hours and much energy switching this for that, and back for this. Dusting it off, putting it up high and then back down where it was. Let's turn it this way, no, on that wall...first let me sweep under it and polish it up a bit...there, hows that? What do you think? Now that spot is empty...hmm. This lamp will bring some light in this corner and that mirror will make this wall seem bigger oh, and I think a plant here will make it lovely. Maybe I should paint it and get new pillows and those curtains I saw would look lovely in here. Too many things over here? Not enough over there? What if we just took it all out and started over?

Of course with no budget and even less room I am limited. And I know that no matter where I move the pieces, its the same old chair, the same set of books and the same set of circumstances. As much as I would like the situation to be different, nothing has been moved, nothing has changed. I can dust it, polish it, place it here or there, take away from it or add to it and no matter, the situation remains the same.

Yet, at the end of the day, when I sit down in the room there is a whole new perspective. Yes, the same chair, but it looks so comfy in that spot with the love seat. Yes, the same books but I really like the way the knick-knacks are mixed in with them. Of course the same corner, but with with lamp on the little table it doesn't seem as dark anymore.

At the end of the day, with the room put just so, I feel a new perspective on the situation as well. Yes, the very same circumstances abide, but they somehow seem more manageable now. Yes, the same feelings are there, but there are some pleasant ones mixed in as well. Of course I remain at the same place, but with the lamp of God's Word it doesn't seem as dark anymore.


  1. i got my present!!!!! thank you soooooo much, i love it!!!!

  2. alrighty- its like this. your first instict is usually the best... stick with it.
    maybe you are just anxious about other things!!!

  3. i'm the same way! i rearrange things at least 4 times a year. when you can't afford new things, you can at least afford a new arrangment. :)

  4. Dana, you must be reading my mind. I have been looking at the livingroom wondering how I can re-arrange it. Then I got to thinking that through spriritually. I will be blogging about this soon. I need to see if this one table will work better in the other corner.

  5. Sometimes rearranging the old stuff can make the room look new. It could be a creative impulse, too.

  6. Ah, the seasonal nesting urge strikes again :) About twice a year, I have the overwhelming desire to remove every piece on furniture from my house, air it out for a week, & put it all back inside in different places. Fortunately for my husband's back & my cats nerves, my inherent laziness over-rules the impulse. But reading your observations, maybe I need to give in, rearrange everything, & refresh the house chi.
    Re my pain-in-the-tuckus aquaintance: the truly sad part is she teaches Bible study at another church & has for years. I pray for her everytime I see her in church, but God has chosen (thankfully) to remove her from my social circle for now. Now I just need to get over being pissy about the whole situation- it's her problem, not mine.
    BTW- thanks for the goodies; you are so sweet :)

  7. got my gifties....a real thank you is coming as well as krimpets.


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