A Writer Writes... Always

The blank screen may stare back at you. You probably rest your waiting fingers on the keyboard caressing each key like some genie in a bottle hoping the magic will pour forth. Perhaps words jump in and out of your brain as if on a trampoline just outside your window, trying to get your attention. Yet the words don't always form a worthy sentence, the sentences don't always transform into coherent thought, the thoughts do not necessarily merit ink.

Sometimes the words lay cold and lifeless, the screen a pale death white, both demanding and deserving 6 feet of dirt, a cross and some tulips. Oh, but when the ideas form, life bursts forth from you. The blood begins to flow, the heart begins to beat and up rises your Frankenstein of expression.

No matter what, you are always writing, always. In your mind conversations are logged, characters are noted and everyday occurrences are remembered for just this moment - when you sit down and purge your soul of the day. Life no longer happens without the thought, "I am so blogging about this!". Words play dress up and tag in your head vying for the chance to be The Title of your next post. Admit it, it's true and you know it.


  1. Awesome! :)

    You should write a novel with me in November.

  2. And with me....Shae has convinced me to do this, too! I have already developed my character names....fun, fun, fun!

  3. i would steal your words if i weren't such a nice gal!


and remember, words are my love language...