My First Blog Rant

You know, I gotta tell you, you won't catch me posting about much beyond what goes on in my life due to the fact I am not an expert in anything other than what goes on in my life. I won't talk politics or computers. I won't give you a sermon or try to explain the theory of relativity. I absolutely will not tell you how to raise your child while you simultaneously make creme brulee...nope folks, I pretty much stay far from all of that. BUT I will occasionally talk about, laugh about or rant about those subjects I am so ignorant about.
So here it goes.
I just got through reading about the adorable little miss Sally Fields' statement at the Emmy's.
It goes a little something like this:

"If the mothers ruled the world, there would be no [GD] wars in the first place."

She didn't understand why they bleeped her, saying:

"I didn't say anything bad, I was just adamant about what I said."

Seriously Sally? I so very much disagree. You did say something bad and it's not the use of GD that offended me. Nope, I'm nobody. However, I know it offended Him, and He will take care of it if He so chooses.

What was wrong, in my humble opinion, is that you claimed all the world would be a place of peace if women, particularly mothers, were in charge. Hon, let me tell you something I know for certain, not only would we have wars, we would probably even have some of them because of our children. Is she crazy we wouldn't have wars? I mean have you not seen women try to kill each other just to get to a cheap wedding dress? What's a few more women or men in the way of letting you have that nice piece of land you want? or even worse, your child wants? Don't think it wouldn't happen, it would. Especially if men stood in the way or if it was for a man...we certainly kill each other over them don't we?

Oh, and don't hold a meeting at Camp David while anyone's PMS'ing either, jeeze, we'd annihilate the world's population with one push of a button just to prove our point and then cry about it while eating their food. Then throw in a few mothers of teenagers. I can testify personally that this subject alone would make a woman think about ending all the suffering of mankind.

And then there's our eMiLy's, but I won't go there tonight ladies and gents.

Hey, I am not saying the world would be worse off if women ran it, but I also won't agree it would be better off if we did. The world is no better or worse for what gender of human is in charge. Male and female, we are both frail and given to the very selfishness of our sin. We both serve our desires and our wants. We both have the intelligent and the not so intelligent in our genders. Each set has their own ideas, their own agendas and their own way of getting something done. Add some power to that and well, you get the idea.

And yes, let's save the world and stop the war, I want my boys and girls (and my son & daughter who are there) back home. I want the war ended. I don't like war, who does? None of those things have anything to do with me being a female or a mother (well, except for me wanting my kids home). To think that it does is preposterous and just as preposterous to think only men are responsible for the war in the first place.

Thanks for listening.


  1. sally fields disapointed me.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. Don't feel bad about ranting. You are dead-on on this subject, and you have every right to talk about it since you know first-hand what it feels like to have your children in the armed services. Thank you for YOUR personal sacrifices.


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