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*Working Title. Other suggestions: That Was Easy. Give My Regards to Broadway. The Gifts in the Mail. The Answer is Always Beer...and Jesus! Where's That Monkey? (The title is not: Jesus! Where's That Monkey? The title is: The Answer is Always Beer...and Jesus! new title: Where's That Monkey? but the other way is pretty dang funny.

I've been gone a while, yes it's true. I have no excuse really other than my man is back and I've been busy and tired. Read it however you want...
Their trip to New York was fruitful, glory to God. I've got a few hundred thousand pictures of them working and playing. These are some of my favorites:

I had a wonderful birthday....Some of you know already that the gifts I planned to give to you were somehow mysteriously 'out of stock'. That stinks. I've replaced most and some are even on their way as I type. Someone asked why I would give a gift when it's my birthday. The only answer that matters is because I want to. Here are a few pics from my day:

This was my desk at the end of the day. What you don't see here are the gifts, the gift cards and all the songs, cake and hugs a girl could want!

This is me holding my 'birthday card' from the Grand Lux where Denise Dahling and Amy K. took me to lunch. Dude, you had to roll me out of there. You don't even know!

With the pictures from New York we had a few that were on the roll from home. I don't think I've ever talked about my dogs. I have two. Sunny & Shady. Here they are:

This guy on the left is Sunny. A very proper and well behaved dog who has lived with us for 4 years now. We adopted him from some friends of ours whose newborn was very allergic to him. They wouldn't give us the baby, so we took Sunny.


This one to the right here is Shady. A very not proper and not at all behaved dog. Shady just came to live with us about 6 months ago. We adopted him at the ASPCA. You can't tell it here, but we shaved him ourselves. Ok, maybe you can tell it here. We just didn't want to pay what they were asking for an 8 pound dog. Some have told me they were going to report us for animal cruelty...

Maybe this is why:

I dont' think we did too terribly bad for our first time out...Shut UP! Poor baby, he is hanging his head in shame. I am prepared to pay the groomers whatever they ask after this little mis-adventure. Both my daughter and myself walked away sweaty, scratched up, covered in dog hair and extremely exhausted after two hours in the HOT Houston sun. One good thing came out of it, we are both very sure we do not ever want to become dog groomers.

Well, I think that is about all the new pictures I have. I don't have any games, questions, deep thoughts or poems. I can't seem to get myself to writing lately, but to quote eMiLy, that's OK.


  1. There are no words to describe poor Shady's new "DO".....ummm, nope - no words! LOL

  2. Poor Shady...

    Hey, is J reading about beer? I thought that was a mission trip. lol

  3. I am laughing so hard at that poor dog!!!

  4. Kelly - So 'sad' 'horrid' and 'uuuuugly' don't come to mind?

    Shae - Poor Shady? What about the wannabe groomers? Nope my love, that is a Menu...draw your own conclusions...(notice the glasses? those are Patricia's)

    Courtney - We laughed pretty hard ourselves...good thing hair grows back.

  5. I don't know Dana - I think you should offer your grooming services to some of those dog show people! ;) (Poor, poor Shady!)


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