Beaches & Bikers & Bowling, Oh My!

EDIT: I have NO clue what is going on with the font or the pictures. Sorry...

So began my weekend of culture. Don't be hatin'!

Friday was a national holiday. Did you not know? Oh, I am so sorry for you! Of course it is a relatively new holiday and known only to my close circle of friends, but still a holiday nonetheless. Friday was Take Your White (read: deathly pale) Friends to the Beach Day, yes it was. And it was fabulous darling!

Those outside the circle might ask, why call it Take Your White Friends to the Beach? The story behind it isn't as interesting as the title. Um, that is if you think the title is interesting. It's just a bit of silliness and no offense is meant to the few who find offense in everything.

The first major hurdle was convincing my boss that TYWFttBD was indeed an actual holiday and one that must be observed with the utmost reverence. For some reason I don't think he was convinced...geesh, he's hard core peeps.

Mmm, okay, that was the only hurdle. Everyone else was pretty much on board for this one.

This year's TYWFttBD coincided with Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead. Coincidence? I think not...

It also coincided with the Lone Star Biker Rally...shut up. No, I cannot. It is true...Thousands, upon thousands of Harley Davidson's EVERY.FREAKING.WHERE!!

Like these...

and these...

These were some of the purtiest bikes.

Just look at the tires....whitewall.

And the rims, flames...



And bikers...

And more bikers...Are they allowed to wear pink?

Loved this vest:

TYWFttBD was scheduled without us knowing about the rally. So, plans to have a quiet lunch followed by shopping on the Strand were off...because of scenes like this...

This isn't the Strand. But you get the idea.

And we did get to have lunch, but it was in no way quiet. The sounds of Harley engines cruising up and down Sea Wall Boulevard were at deafening decibels. Our lunch conversation was a little restrained, I mean how can you compare notes and discuss characters with all that noise? I didn't want to get killed because I was overheard discussing Kitten's lovely leather bustier, that's for sure.

After our lunch and attempts to find the Strand behind all the leather, the three of us went to the beach. The actual beach. You know, the sandy thing with questionable water washing over it. Water that is brown and scary to be near. With signs everywhere that say swim at your own risk of infectious disease and polluted lungs.

This is a love
ly shade of sludge don't you think? Makes you want to dive right in huh?

Just in case you can't tell, this is Candie. She is posing all sexy and mysterious.

We have been friends for 30 years.

She hates when I say that. Not the part about being friends - she
lerves me - it's the part about 30 years she hates. However, we met when we were -11. That makes us 19.

Believe it!

This sweet little message was in the sand...awww!!!
(It says "Caramel hearts Manly")

I was informed that if I was to post this picture I must include the following legal-photo-disclaimer:

"We, (the afformentioned participants of TYWFttBD), have absolutely no clue who Caramel or Manly are or if 'they' even exist. This was merely 'found' and 'we' are merely 'sharing'. If 'we' did know who 'they' were, 'we' would in no way divulge this information to 'those' who would take this little joke and run willy-nilly with it. A lot more than we did. That is all, thank you."

If most of the pictures look familiar to you, it is because I had to use all of
Sharon's pics. She is a muy bueno photographer with a muy 'spensive camera. Me, I have a stupid camera that betrays my mad lens skills. Yeah, I got's some skills.

Dear friends-who-were-not-in-attendance, I seriously think, I have never laughed so much in my life. I cried my mascara off, my head hurt, I was dizzy, and my stomach hurt terribly from all the laughing. Sounds more like the flu symptoms. Ah, this was a much needed & much enjoyed TYWFttBD! I hated to see it end. I also hated that not everyone of our circle could join. Perhaps next time.

But in the meantime I was given some messages to relay:

- Skull and Spike are sure sad that you couldn't come. They were so hoping to see their long-time friend and said they are just going to have mail those Butterfingers to you. They know you love them so! They also said next time you better go because they know you will be the Queen of the Leather & Lace Ball.

- Your freeway flame contacted me. He said he has the "money-shot" whatever that means, and will burn the negatives if you go on a date with him. I have his info if you should feel so inclined. He said he would be willing to shave his head for you. What is he talking about???

- Manly hearts you too. He truly does. And once you two are finally free of your so-called commitments you can stop this torment that comes with in-your-dreams love and then the two of you can truly be together. In the meantime continue going to your Not A Couple meetings. They are helpful.

Butch, Skull, Spike & Kitten - we had a great time. I will always cherish this day...sigh. But remember, what happens at Galveston, stays at Galveston. A much used term now I know, but still a good reminder to all. Kiss little Skull Jr. for me?

Everyone else
- join us next year?

I have gone on so long about the bikers and the beach (hey that sounds like a musical gone wrong - The Bikers and the Beach: A Broadway Musical of Hot Leather & Steamy Sand...) that I've not much time for the Bowling...I know, sad. Sniff.

My daughter's friend had a birthday party. Each one of you know that I sooo love a party (sarcasm) and I couldn't wait to go be social with people I've never met (more sarcasm)...especially since we were having this opulent to-do at the local bowling alley. Mmm, cigarettes, beer, bad music and the gene pool the size of Barbie's tea cup.

Stepping into the place I felt as though someone had transported me to the Wal-Mart in Livingston, Texas. Well, minus the cigarettes 'cause you cain't smoke n ther.

I kept hearing Hobson's voice from Arthur saying:
"Normally, someone would have to frequent a bowling alley to meet someone of your stature."

All joking aside, everyone was very nice. The mother of the birthday girl and I talked almost the entire time. I found out that she has an autistic son as well and that common bond became the instant ice breaker.

Whenever she was busy with the party I was able to people watch,
which I tuly love. I would share all the lovely details, however I have gone on rather long. And once again I have no pictures. Stupid camera. Oh well, it's probably best. No use subjecting you to the images that are seared into my brain.

And now for a few unrelated items.

Miss Jessica and Miss Sharona have both tagged me for a meme. I have not forgotten. I promise I will rise to the occasion soon.

I've added a few new blog friends to the left (sing it Beyonce'). I do hope you visit them for some insightful reading and some good laughs. If you are not added, and would like to be let me know! I didn't leave anyone off out of dislike or shame. Just unsure of their willingness to have so much traffic once I link them '
cos I iz pop-u-ler. I am also so very delusional.


  1. LOL!! The day was fun.

    I am sworn to secrecy...about everything and nothing.

  2. Ok, rub it in that I was not in attendance (as originally planned)! What fun! Next year we go on the bikes, girls!

  3. if i lived anywhere near texas i would insist on an invitation for next year.

    this sounded like too much fun.

    bikers and beaches...woo hoo!!

  4. Shae -
    Just remember that when Spike & Skull show up at work.

    They said they would.

    I know, we were sad as well. I am so going to ride a bike next time! Probably a 10 speed but it will be a bike!

    You know I would invite you anyway! It was a blast...and I do believe you would have had a great time with us!!

  5. Dude, that's a lotta Harleys. They're very cool all in a bunch like that. And a little scary.


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