Monday ¿Mande?

A 2-fer! I guess by now you know what ¿mande? means. If you don't, then read here and here. And now on with the show...

I didn't mention that on Saturday at the Bowl-a-Rama birthday party from Scary Ville, US of A my daughter's Spanish teacher was in attendance. She is a character straight from Saturday Night Live and it was quite um, inspirational? to listen to her talk because, I'm telling you, she knows everyone who is anyone. And she was not afraid to hold their names out for all to see and let them hit the floor with all the impact of a well, since we were there, a bowling ball.

But this isn't about her. We were just talking to her. I mentioned to her that Elena wanted to be in the drama class this year but was unable to because the class was full. The lady that was talking with us mentioned her daughter would be great for theater because "she is so dramatical!"


But I bit my tongue and didn't correct her because, really, who am I? I know that my grammar and sentence structure leave a lot to be desired. I've been the butt of my evil brain's jokes and seriously, I thought she was joking. So I said "Girls at this age are very dramatic."

And she said... "Dramatical. Dra - mat - ti - cal. The word is dramatical."

Mmm, thank you Mrs. Scripps for sounding that out for me.


This evening while waiting in line at the pharmacy I get to overhear this little huh? of a conversation coming from an elderly man on his cell phone...(all one sided mind you.)

"Hello, how are you?"

"Yeah, me too"

"Me? Oh nothing. I just hung out at the pool all day with our priest."

Tee hee... ¿Mande?!

Do priests swim? Gosh how silly of me, I'm sure they do. What about nuns? What do they wear? Does that make it holy water? I'm just wondering..... because I really never thought about that before.

So tell me, in your most dramatical prose, (that's an oxymoron...ox - ee - mor - on) have you ever heard of a priest or nun at the pool before?


  1. Of course I see there was a priest, a nun, a lawyer and a Baptist preacher at a swimming pool...oh that is a joke I can't tell. Why? Cause I just made that up. If an axe head can float in the Bible, why not a priest or a nun. According to Roy, he says nuns do because they are very athletic, at least the old school ones. But nuns should never swim alone, why?
    Nun is the lonliest number that you ever knew...

  2. Nancy,
    What was the lawyer doing there?

    Two can be as bad as Nun.

  3. ok! y'all are both hilarious! :)

  4. Well, as you know, for my family it's a rarity to even see a nun, never mind one in a bathing costume.

    I can tell you that last year when we were on holiday in Dubai, the local women all swam round the pools in the water park wearing waterproof burkhas.

    Oh yes they did!

  5. Jess,
    Only Nancy is...I just stand around waiting for her to be funny and I get to bask in her reflected glory...

    Waterproof burkhas? Wow. They think of everything!

  6. Just came across your post about your evil brain. That explains my many social faux pas. Does this mean that my brain has a mind of its own....?

  7. Pluto -
    Dangit I wish I had thought of that line!

    See! Curse you my evil brain!

  8. I totally relate to your "dramatical" experience.

    I was an English major. I HATE it, like H-A-T-E it, when people use the word "irregardless." It is not a word. The word is "regardless." Ugh. Even news anchors and professors do it.

    And my other pet peeve is "ironical." The word should be "ironic." As in, "It's ironic that my brain has a mind of its own." The dang thing is in the dictionary, though, so I don't really have a leg to stand on with this one. There is probably some slight grammatical difference that I have not looked up and would rather not know because in some twisted way I am happier just being annoyed when people say "ironical" than knowing what that distinction actually is. Not sure what that says about me. Psychoanalyze away.

  9. I probably would not have had such a problem with it had she not corrected me.

    One time we were at the farmer's market and a woman asked me if we taught our kids Spanish. I told her no. A look of disgust crossed her face and she said "irregardless of (whatever), they live in Texas, they should know Spanish." I almost said, "and perhaps you should learn English." But I bit my tongue. They take Spanish now...


and remember, words are my love language...