And on the 7th Day....

God created naps. And God saw that it was good.

So did Dana.

I don't think I've napped 5 days in a row since Kindergarten. And I ask myself, "Foolish child! Why not?"

A good story, some milk and cookies and a nap.

I recommend it highly. To everyone.

It will be hard going back to work where they expect me to stay awake.

All day.

*Yawn*...makes me sleepy just thinking about it....zzzzzzz...zzzzzzz....


  1. Naps are so good. I have also become used to taking my time in the I am in my jammies until 10:00 or so. And of course nap time. How am I functioning the rest of the year?

    Well, maybe I should go take a late afternoon/early evening nap. :)

    Lisa is just having some fun with ya. Keep on crying and laughing.

  2. i'm a big fan of naps. they are pretty much a college students necessity. if i don't sleep during the day, when am i going to sleep???

  3. Yes, what is UP with the whole "stay awake all day" thing? SO overrated...

  4. Nancy,
    I think we should talk to Pastor Gregg about office nap-time. We could always call it 'quiet-time' or something spiritual like that... :)

    So let me get this straight, you stay up all night doing??? And in order to get some sleep you do so during the day...Hmm, something sounds backwards. :) Did you have a good Christmas?

    I know, overrated indeed!!


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