The Return Trip Home

I made it back home from my lovely trip to Hobby Lobby. Actually not so lovely because dude, there were like a thousand woman there all with I'm-in-their-way attitudes and killer shopping-cart instincts. I barely escaped with my salvation in tact and my purchases. Oh yeah, and my kids.

When I got home Jesse had the phone in his hand and a look on his face that made me think the store had called him and told him how much I spent. But no, it was something much worse.

No matter how much you prepare for the inevitable. No matter how much you say you trust the Lord for all that is about to be. It does not make your reaction to, or your feelings about, the actualization of said event be anything less than if it were your first time hearing the news.

Erienne had called, she is leaving today for Kuwait. I have known about this day for years. I have prepared both my mind and my heart since my oldest son was a Junior ROTC for the fact that war and deployment were words that would one day visit me personally. I know the call from Josh is not too far off on the horizon. Yet the knowledge of what is to come and the actuality of its arrival are entirely different entities.

She called back and I told her I love her, she said she loves me too. When we hung up I ran to my room and cried like any parent, friend, sister or brother would. I prayed for her and the many others over seas fighting a seemingly never ending war. I prayed she would trust in the Lord for all that is about to be and I prayed for her to have a safe return trip home.


  1. May God protect your girl Dana! We will be praying for her and the family!

  2. God will hold her in the palm of his hand...

  3. A celtic prayer for Erienne:

    The keeping of Christ about her,
    the guarding of God with her
    to possess her, to protect her
    from danger and loss,
    the gospel of the God of grace
    from brow of head
    to sole of foot,
    the gospel of Christ,
    King of salvation,
    be a mantle to her body.


  4. Jess,
    Thank you, I appreciate the prayers.

    Amen. No matter what.

    That is the most beautiful prayer. I so appreciate your sharing that.


and remember, words are my love language...