Teacher Says "Every time a bell rings...

...an angel gets its wings!"

So tell me friends, just what sound is made when they lose them?

These lovely celestial appendages were on the floor in a co-worker's office. Just laying there. As if an angel had had enough and was going the mortal route from here on out.

Now I'll just bet you don't see that everyday where you work.

Down the hall was a manger.

Empty mind you.

So I guess Mary and Joseph were out for a walk with baby Jesus.

My loves, this is Christmastime in a church office.

I love it.


  1. TOO funny! Those are some beautiful wings, I must say.

    But what is UP with wings being used in decor these days? JUST the wings, mind you. At Hobby Lobby and in catalogs I'm seeing a lot of wings on sticks. Looks like somebody went hunting for angels.

    They called it an "angel fragment" in the catalog.

    I just called it weird.

  2. I have worn those wings before and if you knew how hard they are to get on and get off, much less walk around with them...well let's just say, I am glad we aren't going to be angels in heaven. And I believe mid December is molting season for angels...those are summer wings.

  3. Jenni,
    Hunting angels eh? I'm hearing Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny arguing...Angel season! Demon season! Angel season!

    Will they not have you back?

    What!?!? We don't get to be angels? Dangit. There goes my all my theology out the window.

  4. look, it's me! lol good to talk to you during lunch today!

    i always loved being at the church during pageant times when we would have pageant paraphernalia all around the church, it was so much fun!


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