Sorry I've been away, but folks but I've been just a wee bit busy. I have actually written quite a bit but my modus operandi is to write not only what I feel, but to write as I feel. That said, I have not felt that what I've written is ready. Soon though, very soon.

In the mean time and in between time I have been flying around like a Macy's Parade float with no one holding me down. There has been chaos and confusion in my path and destruction left behind.

And there has been much (I'm not sure if I am proud or shocked by this next word) deception. Much deception. To a level I wasn't aware I could achieve. These past few weeks I have lied, manipulated, connived and hidden evidence of my duplicitous deeds.

And oh my word, it has been fun!

Ah, no worries mates, it's all for the greater good. All I have done, was done so in the name of love.

I'm sorry I cannot divulge more at this moment. I am purposely being vague because a certain someone reads my blog and I do not want that certain someone to know what is going on just yet, just in case that certain someone does read my blog in the next few days. Of course if that certain someone does read this post they will wonder, true, but that certain someone still will not know for certain if they are that someone or the certain particulars.

And besides the all the fabu pretending I have been pre-tending as well. Tending to the things that need to be taken care of beforehand in these types of ordeals.

Things like painting, decorating and fixing, ordering, cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning. Not that my home is that dirty mind you, and not that it's that clean...remember I have kids and a full time job. It's just that anytime my home is involved I become quite the nervous person. Insecurities stink.

And then this being the month of Christmas, there is the added pressure to get all that entails up and running. Sorry Ali and Pluto, I just couldn't wait. There is a deadline to consider. I assure you I am never this early with the lights and such, so don't expect the same efficiency next year.
I must say though, all things considered I have never had this much fun working so hard. I will update you soon with plenty of details and hopefully lots of pictures. I've asked my bff Sharona to be my personal photographer.

Well, I have to go. My husband just told me I have to go to Hobby Lobby. Sigh. I love him! I normally hate to shop. I hate it. It is one of those stereotypical women things that I have not one bit of in me. But for some reason you say Target or Hobby Lobby and my heart does a little dance.

I'm off!


  1. I can relate to the not liking to shop...but, I too will jump at the chance to go to Target and Hobby Lobby! BTW, I know your secret mission! LOL

  2. Secret mission... hmm... I'm curious now. Sheesh, I'm gone one week and you're running a secret op? I can't wait to find out what it is!

  3. On behalf of the Irish contingent, I'm sure we can forgive you for having your christmas decorations up - after all, you're American! Over here we assume this tradition to be part of your genetics ;-)

  4. Kelly,
    I should have known yesterday would not be a fun day to be at HL. The place was packed! And what do I hate more than shopping? Crowds. Oh well, I found some cute stuff...
    Shhhhh. The countdown is on...

    You are one of my top agents you better have the maps, codes and equipment. Does anyone hear the theme from Mission:Impossible playing?

    Thank you so much for your graciousness. I tend to balk at anything typical...I hope I am not becoming normal.
    So what is Irish tradition when it comes to Christmas?

  5. There only is oneIrish tradition, and it works for all occasions - drinking!

  6. I did my part, I stayed away from HL. So there was one less persone to deal with. I cannot make that promise to you about Target.

  7. Ali,
    I do believe the Americans adopted that tradition as well.

    Thank you. I know you have some mad shopping talent and I would have been completely in awe. After all, you are the Right Reverend Nancy of The House of the Nord and only the best shoppers are allowed there.

  8. Love Target. Love Hobby Lobby. And love Central Market.


and remember, words are my love language...