Devilish Laughter Follow Up

Yep, I'm still alive. None of the recipes have killed me and neither have the kids. I've made quite a few recipes from the book as well as made up some of my own. I've learned a few do's and some don'ts and figured I would share.

First of all, to get started, you need to know that it will take some time. It took me 2 to 2 1/2 hours yesterday. This included steaming and pureeing butternut squash, spinach, carrots, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, beets, broccoli and cauliflower. However, I believe after you get the hang of it and you are only restocking it will take no time at all. If you are really serious about it that is. If not, and you only plan on making a few things here or there, I would suggest pureeing as you go.

Second, a food processor works way better than a blender. Your veggies will be smoother, it will take a lot less time and work.

Third, if your kids are small, start now. My kids are older and know how and what I cook. They are also aware of the cook book so they have become wary of everything I put in front of them.

Fourth, since my kids are bigger I started (where I could) with slightly less vegetable puree than the recipe called for. I wanted to see what would work and what had no chance.

For instance, this morning I made the sweet potato pancakes. My son LOVES pancakes and would eat them at every meal if he could. I knew he would be my toughest critic on this one. He was asleep while I cooked but the smell of breakfast soon stirred him. Boy was he drooling once he realized he was getting his beloved pancakes. I held my breath with every bite he took fearing at any minute he was going to notice.

But he didn't notice a thing. That is until my daughter told him as soon as he was done. Then he gagged and protested and whined. I thanked the traitor and put up the remaining pancakes. The true test would come later on. Anytime I make pancakes for breakfast, Eddie almost always has the remaining for lunch.

Around lunchtime I was busy with something and Benedict Elena (who is apparently a double spy) yelled out to me "he's eating the last pancake for lunch!" I smiled to myself. I had won. I asked him later on, "so you really liked the pancakes then?" He said, and I am not kidding "yes, they were awesome (said aaaaawwwwsome) and I want you to make them like that every time."

I picked my jaw up off the floor and J and I potatoed (like high five or knuckling just as geeky and annoying to teenagers).

Of course I've made several other meals. Soup with tons of pureed vegetables, every bite eaten when there used to be enough leftovers to feed us all. Spaghetti, tacos and hamburgers. Delicious every one of them.

But I knew the desserts would be the deciding vote on whether or not this would really work.

Drum roll please......

drdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrrdrdrdrdrdrdrrdrdrd (drum roll sound)

Ladies and gentlemen, the brownies are....

pretty good! I do prefer a chewy brownie over a cake like brownie. BUT, they were very moist (sorry Courtney) they were very tasty and they did not taste one bit like spinach or carrots. And most importantly my kids (and husband) loved them. So, there you have it.

I am quite happy I bought the book. The mission for me was to get my kids eat greens and reds other than m & m's or gummy worms. Mission accomplished.


  1. i will say the browines are good... chewy would be better but with whats in them... NOT BAD!

  2. My mom is buying this book to help my sister start making some of the stuff for her kids. I plan to sneak a recipe or two and try them on my husband - his momma didn't make him eat his veggies and he is pretty picky now even though I have trained him that veggies are not automatically yucky!


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