Lucy splains.

Some of you may not know what the heck I've been talking about for the last couple of posts. I've been blabbering and giving you really vague references to something in my life being rearranged and packed into empty cardboard boxes. I figured I should explain just a little further. Otherwise someone may think I'm getting a divorce. Don't need that rumor started especially since I'm pregnant.

eMiLy - my mother-in-law - has lived with my us for 3 years. She left one day about 2 months ago to stay with her daughter overnight so we could exterminate and she never returned. Her decision, our decision, doesn't matter. It is whats best for all involved. She was not the easiest woman to live with and frankly, neither am I. Well, I am the Queen and I tried, I really really tried to make room for the Queen Mother as well, but really? Who wants to share her throne and castle?

Sometimes I could laugh about our battles. Most times I would cry my self to sleep. My husband, my kids and I all made sacrifices daily trying to make the best of a very strained and stressful situation. I will not go into the details. I won't attempt to win you to my side (besides, you're already on my side otherwise you wouldn't be here right?). Trust me, it would be easy to regurgitate the whole situation for you. A quick easy purge and blech, you'd understand. But it would be ugly and serve no purpose. Besides, I want to save all the details for the trash novel I'm writing.

We changed the lock on the door so she couldn't come and go as she pleased. It was a little unnerving to come home and find she had been there. She might find a dirty dish or see we hadn't made the beds...oops, sorry, it slipped out. Then we brought home boxes and let them sit there for a week or so. I have to tell you that whole week I was so afraid she would come back and see we hadn't packed her up yet and decide she would just move back in. I even had nightmares about it, that's how much the thought of it panicked me.

Yesterday we filled those boxes up with her things. They are stacked waiting for the next step. Who knows when that will be, but I feel better about it all now. I didn't even want to say anything until it was done...I was too afraid I would have to eat my words. Even with a little salsa it doesn't sound appealing.

So what are we doing with the extra space? Dude, we are so not building a nursery, I was just kidding about being pregnant. What? Surely you knew that...right? The only baby going in there is a big screen tv or something really selfish like that. It will go nice with the disco ball and the sound system. Okay, we don't have any of those either. But when the room is empty, girl, we are going to boogie oogie oogie til we just can't boogie no more.


  1. I just want to say that I found your blog via the Schiskablog, and every so often I check in for a good chuckle. I especially love eMiLy stories (I can totally--TOTALLY--relate), and your post about writing was spot on. (Do you have to be British to say "spot on?" I hope not.)

    Anyway, just wanted you to know that 1. I sympathize and 2. I love the way you write.


  2. see, dana, i'm not the only one who loves the way you write!! i miss you.

  3. i suppose it is cruel and heartless and not very christianlike to say "ding dong the witch is dead"??????

  4. Lauren -
    Thank you so much. I am sorry you haven't had a good chuckle in a while. I writes what I feels. I am sorry that you can sympathize...I hope your situation turns out better than mine! Keep visiting! I love it!

    Karie -
    Yes, and thank you for your encouragement...waiting for your knock...

    Jenn -
    Sounds as if you know her personally! Hey, I laughed really hard at your comment...I know if she were truly 'dead' you wouldn't have gone not heartless at all! (and trust me, I struggled 3 years with being Christianlike with her!)

  5. Dana - you made me gasp - I decided to finish reading before I sent an e-mail saying "You're pregnant?!? Congratulations!" Oh how you pulled my leg! :)

  6. Hi Dana,
    I'm not sure how you found my blog either, but I'm glad you did. I love visits from other bloggers, hey, it's one of the best parts of being a blogger, right!?!?

    I can really understand this whole mother in law thing. Not because of my own mother in law, but my mom's father in law, who lived with them for 3 years before being in a nursing home for 4 and then just dying last year. The man just made their lives a living hell. Yeah, that bad. They really tryed everything, and I believe their consciences are clear, but it was just sad to see how they were treated over ridiculous things. They were just hoping that someday his heart would be warmed to the gospel, unfortunately, it never was. But, at least they did what they felt they should.

    Anyway, hopefully there can be peace in the situation. I'm sorry you've had a hard three years and hopefully that is changing now.

  7. I wrote you a comment..but it turned more into like an email. so expect one in the morning! love you!

  8. Rumors? What rumors?

    You know, pregnancy would explain the dizziness you've been experiencing. LOL

    Glad you're not getting a divorce. It would probably upset your husband.

  9. Carissa -
    Yeah, I think it would be more like "You're pregnant?!?! I'm so sorry!" I mean I love babies and I love my kids...but my youngest is 12 and I'm not ready for diapers again!

    Amy -
    So glad you stopped by! I hope we remain blogging buddies...& thanks for the sympathies!

    Karie -
    I hope I'm at work to read it!

    Shae -
    We never have rumors running around like like kids on a playground where we work, do we?!?! Gasp!
    Pregnancy would explain all the crying as well!
    Jesse always says if I ever leave him he is going with me. :) I am blessed!

  10. What a relief! When I read about the boxes, hurt, & anger, I was sweating the divorce thing- totally forgot about eMILy!
    Congratulations & enjoy the room- make sure the space is totally selfish & indulgent; you all deserve it.


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