A Good Title For Telling You About My Long Weekend.

I cannot begin to tell you what an absolutely awesome weekend it was. But I will try!

First, let me back up to Wednesday evening. After work Jesse and I went over to the home one of the most dearest and sweetest ladies I know. She has had a faucet leak for a while and asked J to fix it for her. The reason I say she is sweet and dear is because Miss Fanny Pegg is a young lady in her 80's who is still working her little 98 pound butt off every stinking day. Folks, there are 20 year olds who won't get a job and this woman is still at it every day.

While hubby fixed her sink, I had the pleasure of spending time talking with Miss Fanny. I asked her so many questions I am sure she couldn't wait until Jesse was done. But she answered with enthusiasm and even got in a few questions herself. We looked at pictures and she told me stories and made me laugh. I would love to share everything with you today, but I will save bits and pieces for later posts. I must say I was honored to be able to sit and talk with her. What a woman of faith! And for a tiny elderly woman, she embodies absolute strength.

Miss Fanny has been a member of our church for over 60 years and before she retired a couple of years ago, she taught Sunday school to little kids for 50 years. People just don't commit to anything like that anymore. We certainly don't commit to a church for that long much less to a job or to marriage. Hear me, if the Lord moves you, then move, I'm no angel, life gets ugly and I'm in a second marriage myself. All I'm saying is, what an example of faithfulness.

Once Jesse was finished we took her back to the church so she could have dinner with friends and then off to bible study. I hope at 80-something I am still as active as that. Um, let me rephrase that. I hope at 80-something I am as active as that!

It was a little late to cook so we took the kids to Prince's Hamburgers. We had such a blast sitting there listening to the oldies, singing, dancing (in our booth) and acting silly. Yes, at 14 and 12 they weren't too embarrassed to act like fools with mom and dad. What great kids I have! The onion rings and milkshakes weren't half bad either!

Thursday was a blur. I had to get everything done that day that I normally do in two days because I was off on Friday! WOO HOO!!! I loves me a three day weekend!!!

Friday hubs and I had what we call date day. See, I am a morning dove and he is a night owl. For the most part this works for us just fine. I get up way early in the am and read, write, paint or whatever I want while he gets in a few more Z's. Then around 8 or 8:30 at night I am very much ready for bed while he is still wide awake. This is when he gets to catch up on the news, sports highlights of every game he missed and watch all those westerns I don't care for.

So you see, this doesn't work for us when we try to have a date night. Besides, everyone else is out at night and I hate crowds. So date day it is. Besides, they last a lot longer! We always start out by putting the kids on the bus and heading out for breakfast. This time we had breakfast at Spanish Flower. Such a great place to eat. But don't get the norm here or you will be disappointed - norm being on the lunch or dinner menu and being fajitas or nachos. Do get the specials, that is where this restaurant shows off. For breakfast I love their poached eggs over gorditas with a great chili sauce and fresh avocado. Mmm, bellies full we headed out for some serious shopping.

I am not a girl who likes to shop, I have my reasons but will leave it at I just don't. But this time I was very excited to hit the stores because we were out to buy a bed. How boring you say right? Not for me. Honey I've been sleeping on an inch thin mattress that was on the floor for about 5 or 6 years now. Between two kids, a new home, moving mom to Houston and moving eMiLy out, life has just not allowed me to buy a bed.

Okay, maybe not an inch thin. But it sure felt like it all those nights. My son Eddie said I'm worse than the Princess in the Princess and the Pea. Hey, I do have royal blood flowing through my veins so that's not too far fetched Master Edward.

I can't wait to take a picture of it to show it to y'all. It's so dang pretty. And fat. The mattress is absolutely fat. Got's to be 2 feet thick. The Pea Princess is happy. I even got some beautiful new sheets out of it. Sigh. I think I'll go lay on it for a minute I'll be right back...

Ahhhh. That was lovely.

Speaking of lovely, my beautiful daughter Erienne was in town to visit. She is on leave for a week or so before she returns back to her post. Then at the end of November she will be deployed to Kuwait. Now, I've said several deployment dates and locations before, but this time it's pretty much set. I think. While in Kuwait she will transport "things" to Iraq and back. Pretty easy right? Um, she is a chemical and biological weapons specialist. Dang.

This has been more like a diary or journal entry than a post but I just had to share. I hope I didn't bore any of you terribly much. I enjoyed telling you about it that is for sure. I mean I spent the weekend with my family we had beautiful weather and we did nothing special, but I have to tell you what an absolutely awesome weekend it was!


  1. these kind of weekends are the best. sounds like it was everything you needed it to be. can't wait for the pictures.

  2. pretty awesome weekend i must say. dont you just love them!!! can not wait to see some pics... oh and by thw way... i dont know why my belly is red... it has been since day one!

  3. i'm glad you had such a fun weekend!

  4. Dana - one thing you never are is boring! Thanks for the fun post!

  5. Nancy,
    It was awesome! I can't wait for some pictures too...

    I do love the weekends. I wish there were more in a week.

    Me too!

    Thank you!


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