Just nothing...

Today was the first day that actually resembled fall here in Houston; a city famous for both oppressive heat and humidity. After a long and weary summer of living up to this reputation, the arrival of crisp northern air will be revitalizing to my soul. The coolness of the breeze and the rustle of fallen leaves speak to me of the shedding of lifeless things.

It's becoming harder and harder to wake up in the morning. I find myself clinging to the world that lays just between dreams and reality. The mist of slumber's warmth reluctantly gives way to encroaching consciousness. The denial comes due in part to the darkness of the late hour. My body refusing to acknowledge the truth of the clock's red glare. A change of the clocks with the change of the season will be restorative as well.

Sleep, however, comes to me quite readily. My body is tired and ready for repose even if my mind is still busy stirring together the ingredients of the day. I have always been one to rehash the conversations, happenings and observations of the past. Holding them on the palate of my mind, relishing the flavors and textures of each moment as if it were the finest of fare. Taking note of the excess or lack of seasoning here and there and thinking perhaps I should next time leave it simmer rather than boil. I drift off to sleep my heart full and my hunger for life temporarily sated this side of heaven.

I'm sitting here listening to the sounds of my children, resisting as all children do, the rules of bedtime. While I long for bed early in the evening, they would stay up all night if we would only allow them. I can almost hear the tv as my husband changes channels hoping for a worthwhile show to watch. I know that whatever he finds, it will end up watching him fall asleep. The dogs have settled in and the clock behind me is ticking faster than my typed words will come. The sounds of home are beckoning me to join in the music.


  1. you are an AMAZING writer!

  2. I agree with Karie! I love how you put words together!


and remember, words are my love language...