Devilish Laughter

My new cookbook came last night and I am so stinking excited I have to share it with you. Why so excited about a cookbook? I will tell you ladies, and gents if you cook, because this is going to be fun. The cookbook is titled Deceptively Delicious and it's written by Jessica Seinfeld. Yes, Jerry's wife.

If you've not yet heard about it (she has been on every major morning show and Oprah) the idea is to get your kids to eat vegetables in a simple, delicious and deceptive manner. Food and deception? I am THERE!

Just a few of the recipes are:

  • Coffee cake made with butternut squash
  • Chicken nuggest made with sweet potato or spinach breading
  • Macaroni and cheese made with butternut squash or cauliflower
  • Pink pankcakes made with beets
  • Brownies made with spinach and carrots
Umm wait, spinach and carrot brownies? EWWW!!!

No my finickies, not ew, yum. Yes, YUM! I've seen the video evidence of a group of 1st & 2nd graders eating, no, devouring the chicken nuggets and mac n cheese and even the brownies. And once they were told, it mattered not, they gourged on.

While impatiently awaiting the arrival of my DD cookbook, I've tried a few tricks myself.

My kids, none the wiser, and loving it - every bite. I made chili with tons of spinach and zucchini - Eddie didn't puke once! In fact, he groaned with pleasure while devouring his whole bowl. Then I made mannicotti also with spinach and zucchini and this time red bellpeppers. While they loved the sauce and the pasta, they didn't like the cheese. Oh my hungries, the cheese had no vegetables in it...they were all in the sauce. Mwa ha ha haaaa!!!

Hiding veggies not new you say? True, moms have done this throughout the ages. In fact I've done it countless times myself and with success. I am just excited to have a whole cookbook based on that deception. Not only that, but a very cute cookbook too. And with so many great recipes and ideas. I am so going to enjoy the next few weeks.

I would love to know if anyone of you have bought this yourself and what you think. I am going to make meatball soup tonight....I'm looking forward to the brownies too!

Here's the Deceptively Delicious website if you'd like to check it out for yourself.


  1. hiding veggies...nice! my parents tried to hide the meat. it was bad. i wouldn't eat meat, but i devoured my veggies!

  2. okay, you made me want to buy it. do you get commission from a certain supplier?

  3. i saw that oprah episode. she waxed rhapodsic over the brownies.

    but still.....spinach and carrots????

  4. i am so excited to be one of those people who just copy stuff out of your cookbook. i cant wait to try some of it... you better bring some to work before i leave so i can really know if i really want to start cooking!

  5. You better bring some of those brownies to work next week, girl! :)

  6. pancakes made with beets seriously made me gag.


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