And, She's Back...Sort Of.

I just wanted to post a note saying thank you so much for all the well wishes, all the prayers all the words of love and smiles!

I am home and on the mend. I was so happy to be home that when I laid down on my own bed I cried. Which I had to stop immediately because that hurt. Tears of joy were about to be tears of pain!

For the next few days life will go a little something like this:

Sip broth.
Chew pain pill.
Sip water.
Chew vitamins.
Sip crystal light.

Seems I've become a cat....

I will try to check my emails and blog as much as possible in between since they bring me your prayers, your jokes your love and your thoughts and those bring me much joy.

Okay. Must go sip and nap. Will write soon.


  1. so so so happy you are home and doing well. i will come see you soon
    much love

  2. Lunch is SO not the same without you (and Jesse)! Ha!

    Praying you are up and around quicker than you ever imagined!

  3. so glad you're home! I will come see you soon before I head back to school!

  4. so if we come over will the visit be considered a sip and see?

  5. Glad you are home! Glad the surgery went well! Now, maybe you can get some good rest.


  6. Yeah, she's back (sort of!)

    Good to hear from you, take care

  7. So glad everything went well Dana! I miss you!

  8. Yea! I've been checking to see if we were going to get an update from you. I had a minor surgery involving my stomach a few years ago and I remember that the recovery was harder than I expected, so I have been thinking of you a lot this week. So glad you're home and on the mend!

  9. YAYYYYY!! SO glad you're ok, and back and happy and you're a CAT!!! HA! Seeeeee? YOU'RE the cat!! Isn't that ironic? It's just fate. THAT's why the cat had to be in the story... Isn't that funny. WAY cool. Hope it's really yummy broth since you get just those micro sips at a time.

    How exciting! The beginning of the new phase of your life. I'm right there with ya. Read ya soon!!! = ]

  10. I'm so glad you're home and safe and sipping and napping! Take it slowly and be gentle with yourself...

  11. Courtney,
    I am waiting and so are my arms...waiting for those hugs and those boys!!

    Funny, lunch is SO not the same here either! :)

    You promise?

    Nancy Mon,
    When I read that comment a few days ago I was all, sip and see, sip and see...why DOES that sound familiar? DUH, blame it on the drugs I was NOT taking...Si, come sip and see.

    Right? Although the $&$^! dogs have other ideas....

    As much as you can be back after having your guts ripped out of you, yes. I am glad to be home and hopefully back to blogging...

    You don't know how much I miss you guys! I really, really do!!! See you soon I hope!!

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers! Yes, I've had many a surgery and this one has taken the most out of me. I am second guessing wanting that hysterectomy for now... :)

    Cats are the theme this week, no? Very cool...Oh, and broth is only yummy until the 50th sip or so...then blah. Good thing I can move in another week...

    Glad to be home safe sipping and napping. I don't have the strength to be rough on me yet. :)

  12. I'm so glad that you are doing good. Also as a side note to make you laugh, but not too hard. I told Mike on Sunday that we need to pray for you because you were having surgery. He heard, "We need to pay for her surgery on Monday." So he said, "What! Why?" haha I thought it was funny, definitely not the reaction I was expecting. :) We did PRAY for you on Monday, though. Please let us know if you need anything!

  13. I did promise...and I fulfilled didn't I?? Had a blast, glad to see you're doing well. Love you!

  14. Hey Dana,

    I've not been submitting myself to the blogoshpere much in the last couple of weeks and it looks like I missed most of the action!

    Hope you're doing well. It's nice to see so many people supporting you.

  15. Jenny B.,
    Mike is funny...sounds like my hubby! That would give anyone a scare!!
    Just need your prayers, and thank you for them!

    It was fun! It was so fun I had to go lay down. Eddie is a mess isn't he? That was a whole blog post moment with the different imitations he gave you... See you soon!

    So good to hear from you, seriously!
    You know it's very good to have so many people supporting me.
    I must admit, I've not been reading blogs much either. I think I am ready to catch up now. Will visit you soon!


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