Catching Up - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We all know, no matter what your heritage, we all have a little Irish in us. This year, I actually have the honor to 'know' several wonderful people from Ireland.

Ali, Pluto & Cosmo, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hey folks, it's more than green beer, getting pinched and 'Kissing me cause I'm Irish'....not that any of that is is just how we celebrate it here in the states. But there is SO much more to St. Paddy's Day than all that.

In honor of the Lá ’le Pádraig, the lovely Ali had a give away and yours truly won. True to her word, I received the parcel in time to celebrate all things Irish. Please excuse the horribleness of this photo, I have a sorry excuse for a camera...

Yes, that is Bailey's Irish Cream. Yes, you are jealous. Yes, I loved everything in this Irish bounty! My favorite has to be the Escape to Ireland booklet. Words cannot describe the way I feel looking through the pages.

She thought of everything, a DVD of Ireland, CD of Celtic music, a book on the history of St. Patrick - the dude not the day. Lollipops with little shamrocks on them, balloons, happy St. Paddy's day banner, an Irish Blessing mousepad which I use right here at home. And even a true Shamrock...I would include a picture but again my camera stinks. Nope, not operator error thank you very much. Right down to the green glitter and the shamrock glitter. It was/is everywhere!

I've so enjoyed meeting my Irish friends. They make me wish I was Irish or at least lived in Ireland. Could you not listen to them all the time? Well, here is your chance. Take a listen to Mr. Pluto (I so hope this works!).

Pluto's N. Ireland accent

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


  1. Way-hey!

    And a Happy St Patrick's Day to you too Day-na xx

  2. Ali!
    How is Boston treating you my Irish friend?

  3. WOW! I'm famous!! My dulcet tones will now be heard all over the world - well cyberspace anyway. I would like everyone to know that I'm available for voiceovers, narrations, opening supermarkets, the token Irishman at functions, etc, etc.

  4. ... and I'll act as his translator ...

  5. Pluto,
    The token Irishman? Wouldn't EVERYONE like to be that?

    And I will get to be the personal assistant to both of you.

  6. So now that I'm home I tried to hear Pluto again. I can't get it to work - when I click the link I see nothing and hear nothing.

    If only that happened with the REAL Pluto too ...

  7. Ali,
    That makes me sad. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I followed the mp3 host site to a T.


  8. Way-hey!

    It worked, it finally worked!

    And I'm having HOURS of pleasure just pushing a button and shutting Pluto up mid-sentnece ;-) Someone should tell Mrs Pluto

    (By the way, I can verify that that IS his posh voice, you should hear him ordering his pints down the pub of a weekend!)

  9. Tap o' the marnin til ye, Ali. Sure ye've given the game away, now. Oi wudn't want them nice yanks hearin me real voice, wud Oi?

  10. Ali,
    Glad you got it to work so you can have hours of fun...if only it worked in real life for us. NOT for Pluto...with other people.

    That's just how they sound in Hollywood/Ireland. :)


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