Greetings Fellow Earthlings

I send you love from the distant planet known as My Own Little World, which I've been completely engrossed in for quite some time now. I do hope you'll forgive me my bit of selfishness.

Truth be told there isn't much to report. Even so I am sure I could go on for a while...about nothing....surely....yep, I'll just bet.

I've even tried reading a blog or two, but get called away on some diplomatic mission here in My Own Little World. They do need me so.

Writing has been even harder. Seems I sit down to write and the brain escapes to its Very Own Little Planet.

Contagious stuff this selfishness.

I did return to work last week and strangely no fairies or elves or even little leprechauns had come along and finished my work whilst I was away. Not to mention they do not allow you to visit previously mentioned planet of your own making - they even frown upon it. Something about earning your pay and milking your sick leave. Sadness upon sadness. Can you say sadness children? I knew you could.

I seem to be doing better back here on planet Earth than I have in the previous weeks. Just last week I could only work/focus/stay here on Earth until 2 or 3 pm and then I was just plain dead.

Not mostly dead. All dead. There is a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. I was not slightly alive. Perhaps I rushed Miracle Max and you know what happens when you rush a miracle.

This week - much better for all involved. That is not to say I had any more energy than last week, but I made it through to 4:30 before I felt the life drain from my body. Leaving me mostly dead. Or slightly alive.

The most excitement in the last 2 weeks has been my lovely Erienne coming home for a visit. She came back from Kuwait to be with her brother before he deployed to Iraq. Afterwards, she came and visited My Own Little World and rather liked it...she eventually had to leave though, the Army does frown on not returning when they ask. And I'll just bet they can find my world no matter how I try and hide her in it. Sadness once again.

See folks, other than that life here in My Own Little World is rather about nothing and without much ado.

Sigh. I wonder how long until others start to move here and begin its undoing.


  1. i had that song "in my own little corner of my own little world" playing in my head the entire time while reading your post. glad to see you're doing well and getting better and better!

  2. Aw, hey, you know, sometimes your own little world is a God-ordained cocoon where He is working out the details for you to emerge more beautiful than ever.

    Take your time, dear Dana!

  3. I envy your long sojourn- my stay in that distant land was sadly brief & I am sharing that "I'm done now" feeling at about 4pm each day.

  4. Life would be alright if we didn't have to work. Unless my job was being employed as a full-time procrastinator. I like the sound of that - very positive, very 'pro'. You could never call me an anti-crastinator.

    Now I really need to do some admin work, but I can already sense the mouse button getting ready to click elsewhere...

  5. Karie,
    Do I know that song?

    Speaking of cocoons do we have a little butterfly yet?

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    The "I'm done" feeling won't let go will it? How's the elbow?

    I do love my job, just not the work that goes with it at times. So yes, you are right. One day we shall retire in heaven.

    Admin work? A Pastor who doesn't have a secretary? (I work for one, I cannot imagine him doing his own admin. work. He is far too busy and far too ADD.)

  6. I like it. VOLP.
    Very Own Little Planet.

  7. prob not. i don't even know where i heard it.

  8. lol. yes, you rush miracles you get bad miracles. lol. love it.

    Glad to see you can go back to work now. Not that I'd wish that on anyone, anywhere -- especially one living so happily elsewhere. hang in there. hugs = ]


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