Catching Up

Sorry I've been gone so long! Whew, just had a little something going on lately :-).

Catch up with me, one post at a time...

Catching Up - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Hey, girlie! Glad to hear the surgery went well & that you are beginning your new life as a cat
    You know, Spanish lavendar is the only one I've had any success with-not that I don't keep trying :-P
    I just picked up some French lavendar- since the Scots & French were in cahoots for a few centuries, maybe it will survive (the English & White just couldn't take it here)

  2. Meg,
    Thanks, the cat life ain't so bad. I will be glad to move on past the sipping part.

    I couldn't tell you what kind of lavender I can grow. I did kill a Spanish lavender plant so apparently not that.


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