Catching Up - American Idol

So whether you watch it or not, you know you've heard of American Idol.

I happen to watch it. From beginning to end I am glued to the screen. Love the bad ones, love the good ones.

Here are my three favorites this year:

Brooke White, cannot get enough of her. Her voice is raw, it is real and it is unadulterated by the pop world. She could hold her own with Carly and Carole and she likes Bonnie Raitt! Brooke is my absolute favorite. I hope they totally Daughtry the girl, then she can go on and do her thing.

Jason Castro, oh my. Chiseled features. Blue eyes. Dreads. Okay, so normally - dreads? not so much. But child he works them. And, a voice that makes you dream. What's not to like? I would love to hear a duet with Jason and Brooke.

David Archuletta. Sweetest kid. Cutie pie. And he can SING. He is my third favorite and no matter what, this kid will go far. Hopefully he will stay grounded enough not to become big-headed about his talent or go off in to the deep end of the drug and alcohol pool.

So who is your next American Idol?


  1. YAY BROOKE!!!!!! Can't get enough of "Let It Be", she's amazing!

  2. I forgot to check the follow-up comments box...and I didn't want to search through blogs to see what you wrote I figured I would write you another comment about how much I love you and how much I miss you and how beautiful you are. So here you go. wow...that was a long run on sentence.

  3. Karie,
    I don't dislike anything she does. She is going far no matter what.

    Karie, sweet! I miss you too...

    Come back soon. Hey send me your address will ya?

  4. i love love love brooke too. that cd would be in my player tons! i liked the stripper too...for his voice! :)

  5. Michelle,
    I so did not like him! My husband likes John Cooke, the rocker dude. But NO one can come close to Chris Daughtry when it comes to AI Rockers so to me he is yuck.

    Still like my three! (even though they had a bad week!)


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